Tuesday 27 December 2011

Try it on Tuesday Alter it week

 Christmas wrapping comes with some fab ways to recycle packaging so its of more use.  My kids know me so well they actually save stuff like this to give me - which is exactly what my son said when he opened this box of socks! 

Socks are compulsory for Christmas - everyone got some except me!
So I decided to upcycle it into a box for my daughters pencils and pens that she uses for her sketching.

So some pretty papers and co-ordinating stickers from an old Stampin Up set were perfect for the job! I chose these as the box has turquoise inside which goes really well with these papers.

Even a little window to see the pens through!

and I decided to line the inside too!

Now the box is more suited to being a pencil box don't you think?
Whats more I have 2 others waiting for inspiration too :0)
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Get rummaging in your rubbish to see what you can transform into treasure!


  1. Your projects are always so cool Janet!! Could do with something like this myself :D XXX

  2. ohhh wonderful box, I didn't get anything that comes in a box so hard for me to transform anything, maybe a wine bottle?


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