Friday, 19 August 2011

Rockin' my world Friday

Hi folks Friday again and a day I can play along with sharing my list of happy thoughts this week. I am typing on a happy thought as I have a new laptop! Never had one before and I must say I am rather loving it! So thanks hubby for my pressie xx
No 1 son has grown his hair! Now this may not seem a big thing but he has been shaving his head for the last 3 years and I have not dared say I hated it. Now he has decided its a new start with his place at Manchester Uni secure for the full time Masters he wants to study he has grown it back and I love it! He is not as keen on me touching it, as I am stroking it lots,but hey he will be gone to Uni soon enough so I wont be able to then LOL.
No 2 son sets off tomorrow for a week in Edinburgh with his band. They are playing at a musical called Rent - his first proper musical job. They are all excited and our house will be bursting at the seams tonight as we put them all up over night before setting off! I love it that our kids feel happy to bring their friends here - its not the ritz and we dont have much but they are all welcome!
Our Megs is away on hols which isnt a good thing for me but a lovely thing for her. She has gone with my Mum and Bro with his family and I am sister sitting for our Amy who has Downs Syndrome. She lives next door - the houses are inter connected - and thinks she is looking after me :0) We stayed up late watching Mamamia and drinking red wine last night which she loved!
So I have had a week to craft and do a little cleaning. As the notice in the house says I am Not a Domestic Goddess so I hate having to do chores on my time off but of course some do need doing in the course of a week! The cooker especially begged attention and is now gleaming!
I went to the Molly Blooms class last Sunday - what fun that was and I have really enjoyed playing with my purchases this week some of which I will share very soon. 2 Christmas card classes this week - both quiet but its holiday season so not to worry. We had lots of fun anyway.
I have really enjoyed driving when I could too. Simple things mean so much when they have been taken away from you.
I have loved the company of everyone I have spent time with this week especially my lovely pal Georgina last Sunday at The Class. She made me a wonderful Alice in Wonderland stationary kit and a darling little hankie box too. Love it. Her daughter Jo made me a fab calendar book as well - I am lucky to know these wonderful folks who fill my life with joy and friendship. Along with my family, friends are the most important things in my life and I would do all I could for them and I know they would do for me - that has to be my biggest blessings and I love them all.

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  1. Beautiful list of thankfuls Janet as always, glad you have had such an awesome week! It always makes me feel happy to see others posts before mine, I am running behind this morning - had a rare lie in LOL!

    Hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend

  2. Awesome list Janet - you've had such a good week.Had a wry smile at Amy thinking she's looking after you - you're obviously both good at taking care of each wine and Mamma Mia sounds like a perfect evening to me. :)
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs xx

  3. Red wine and Mamma Mia, what more can a girl want! I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with a houseful of lads, noisy and messy, but fun! I never miss a chance to stroke my son, he does some amazing body swerves to avoid them!!

    Have a great weekend - how about red wine and Dirty Dancing tonight?!



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