Sunday, 7 August 2011

Woken from my slumber

Early Yesterday morning to do a telephone interview! A card magazine may be running a story on the card collection I have been putting together for the Poppy Appeal here in Skipton. As I have to submit some photos too - it may be a card you have sent me thats in the pic :0)
Tickets are going really well for the event and OH is really pleased its all coming together so brilliantly and that folks are interested in raising money for this very worth while cause. I have to say I have been blown away by your card donations - stunning work and amazing Poppy stamps - thanks so much for all your support. I will keep you updated on how it is all going and how much is raised.

Its my birthday this week too - and I got an amazing present from the DVLA - yep just minutes before Tim was going to drive me to work yesterday - I opened the letter containing my license (the less said about the awful picture the better!) so I jumped in the car myself and drove there and back for the first time since May 2009. You don't forget what to do thats for sure - the freedom was amazing. now we just have to negotiate terms of car use.........

So yes its my birthday on Thursday and what momentous thing will I be doing??? well I have invited my pals to join me for breakfast at the local Wetherspoons so we can chomp and chat and drink coffee for hours - idling away the time just being together. Possibly my lovely chum Jae will join us too - though its quite a drive from Rochdale she may just drop in anyway :0) My special birthday treat is on Sunday though when I go to a Molly Blooms class at the paperlane in Northallerton - and guess what I can drive Michelle there instead of her doing all the driving !we will meet up with the gorgeous Georgina too which will be utterly fabulous. I can't wait.

Before all that excitement though I have the wonderfully talented Kerry coming round tomorrow to play and plan - we have a few charity days coming up for the local community creche so need to get our thinking heads on - to make the working bit easier we are having a lovely lunch of quiche and salad and a bit of crafting on the side - what a wonderful way to spend my day off :0)

I did squeeze in some crafting on Friday night - 2 RSVP cards for commissions which I forgot to take pics of and then I have played around with a very special Christmas napkin card as a commission for Santa - you see he would like my niece and nephew to go visit him in Lapland and wanted to send a special invitation to them both so that was not only a very special card but a one off too! Will share it soon :0) if you don't know what I mean - here is a link to a fab Tutorial
Hope Sunday has been great for you xx



  1. WTG Janet!!! Great that you can drive again and some wonderful things planned for your birthday week.
    Hugs xx

  2. How wonderful that the Poppy cards are featured.. it's such a good cause. I never got around to send you mine... if you do the same in the future I definitely will. Being able to drive again must be an amazing feeling.. enjoy the journeys :) Great plans for your birthday and wishing you a happy week ahead.

  3. Great news about the article, - make sure you get their email address for future use!!!!!

    Looking forward to Friday's class - lavinia stamps!!

    You should go to the Toby Carvery for Breakfast, - its £4.99 all you can eat, and if you print off some vouchers its buy one get one free, its become a regular treat for Steven & i.

  4. Don't know which is more exciting,the magazine or the licence,but since i've always known how talented and how much you give to your causes i'll go with the licence as i know how desperately you wanted it back my dear friend,you'll have to celebrate twice for your birthday so i'll see you on Sunday, luv Georginaxxx

  5. Well Janet you certainly are going to be busy this week. Great news all round. xx

  6. Wow you sound so busy at the moment hun! Glad the licence arrived and your new found freedom is proving fun! Happy Birthday in advance - hope it is filled with beautiful moments to cherish!



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