Thursday, 4 July 2013

Intrigued - Can you help?

Even when I don't post I have a steady stream of blog traffic - How do I know? By checking out the Stats page its interesting what comes up.

Everyday I get hits for this page from 2010 Here

Each day I am puzzled !

I have read the post over and over - nothing remarkable  at all. So why the hits ?
I assume its from a search engine bringing it up for some reason - whats your theory ?  I would be interested to know.

Have a fab day xx


  1. No idea Janet - but I like the fact it's a Rocking post that's getting all the traffic - made me smile!

  2. Something in your tile maybe. Interestingly enough Feline Playful have changed to a new blog and name this week as they say they have a lot of people logging on thinking they are a cat blog hugs Mrs A. .

  3. I have a January rocking post which keeps popping up near the top too. My most popular one ever was where I signed it Jen with three x's. But I def don't think they were looking for a papercraft blog! Happy scrapping, jenx


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