Saturday, 27 July 2013

New Molly Blooms Mag - a little review

 Yesterday at stamping club, which was a Molly Blooms day, the ladies wanted to know if this was worth the investment - so I thought I would give it a little review.
The magazine itself is printed on nice quailty paper with lovely photographs and layout.
Its written in an easy to read style and the projects are sweet and inviting.
As a crafter - there are a number of other things you may need to buy to complete all the projects but most of them can be adapted to suit your own needs and supplies.
The free papers are beautiful colours - similar in quality to those you would receive as a freebie in magazines but are matt and not shiny which makes a big difference to applying your ink to distress them.
Personally I felt the Christmas issue was a little more exciting but there again thats possibly because I love Christmas so get excited by it ! 
 The ribbons and buttons match the papers beautifully.  A little less I think than the last issue but still plenty for quite a few projects.
 The stamps are lovely. Some wonderful sentiments stamps and decorative features. Quite a lot of the other MB stamps are used throughout the mag too which is good to inspire you if you have invested in them - some of the older designs also feature which I like very much.
Comparing this magazine with other companies that bring out similar - this one wins everytime. Step by step projects work wonderfully for crafters and being able to put your own spin on the designers creation is a bonus. I am not a fan of mags that just show lots of pictures and not much how to - we crafters like to learn how we can create similar too.
What could improve it? I would like to see some copic step by steps of how Clare gets her amazing colour results - some guidance on the colours to use to match with the papers may help and also where to buy similar papers for once you have used these up.
This said I still give the Mag 10/10 for quality and projects.
 You all know I love my Mollies - and I have one or two ******cough cough
One of the things I love about them is they come with a ready coloured packet so you can see just where the shading needs to be - perfect for a lazy crafter like me.  So I keep my packets in a small photo album - when I colour I just go to the page where the packet is stored and follow the shading using whatever colours iIhave chosen.  This album holds all the smaller Mollies and Georges
 Lika so
 and my bigger ones that would not fit in the 6x4" size go in this one
Which holds 7x5".
Now the crafters dream would be if Clare designed something similar which held the stamp too ! my stamps are all stored in collections in the cases you buy from poundland - you know the A4 box/ folder things - works perfectly !
Hope you like the little review. Obviously all views expressed here are my own and in no way connected with the magazine or designer (though I admire her very much !)
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  1. Thank you so much Janet ... that is so useful! And what a fab idea for storing your packets! Feel another spend coming on! xx

  2. I agree with all you said.Good review & collection of MB stamps!!! :) x

    1. Aww thanks Diane. Did you see the post below about a MB waterfall card? I am offering the step by step for free if you are interested x


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