Thursday, 25 July 2013

Last Stamping club of the summer.

I love my stamping club.  The ladies are all such fab people - eager to learn a "new to them" technique whilst chatting and teasing each other along the way.
One thing I learned fast is they love Molly Blooms.  Thats good because so do I.  I could do a Molly project each session but I try to stick to one a term so we learn lots of other projects too.
You may remember I did a class with Clare Rowlands back in 2011 and made a waterfall card.  Well I wanted to do waterfalls with the ladies so played around with the idea (if I admit to not being able to find the original would you mind? Therefore I had to work from scratch !). I wanted the waterfall to work from the side so the recipient could open the card - pull the tab and be wowed by the scenes in front of them.  I started off with 4 tabs - you know as waterfalls tend to have but downsized to 3 so the scenes inside were of a sizable nature.
I will show you the insides tomorrow as I am keeping them a surprise for the ladies too !
Hope you like my end of summer term project!

Thanks for stopping by today
Janet x 


  1. That is looking good. Not too sure what a waterfall card is so will be back tomorrow!!
    Hugs Mrs A.


      This is a simple and smaller version of what we are making Mrs A but the principal is the same xx Folks love them as they are interactive so great for kids and men xx Hope that helps xxx

  2. Sweet Project Clarky. Are you finished for the Summer now.
    I love my craft meet up. I run a workshop called "Cut n' Chat" (appropriate for me that, the Chat bit!)
    We meet one Monday a month and we do our own thing. Every now and then I set a project up for us all to do and the newer girls love that. I am teaching all next week, 12 7-11 year olds. Canvas, Rob (mdf man) cog clock and money box and a zutter mini book, full on, cannot wait tho'. Take care. Debbiex

    1. Sounds fab Debbie - I also run a monthly meet which doesnt stop for the summer so I still see some folks who go to that. I also organise a little jaunt around my birthday (11th Aug) so we meet up and have breakfast at wetherspoons then go off on a jolly crafty time together - this time we are going to northallerton to visit Paperlane and also the Strikes centre. Have fun at the summer school - its fab that the school encourage this creativity from kids xxx

  3. A super card, really looking forward to making it, lots of hugs Bee

  4. Gorgeous Janet, I only ever had one success with a waterfall card LOL!


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