Thursday, 22 January 2009

I cant believe it!

My crafty pals came round today. I told them I suspected Tim Holtz may be visiting Dys shop in Feb. Then in the afternoon the email came with Dys newsletter and whopee its true. Quick as a flash we had 6 places booked so we can all go and see the Master in action. I cannot tell you how excited I am! Not just to see the Master but also to be taking my crafty buddies to my fav shop! I Looovvveee Art from the heart and all thats in it. The link below the posts will take you straight there or you can visit via Dys blog. Im still working on the technology to get links!!!
Hope your day has been as good as mine x Will I sleep for the next 3 weeks??????


  1. Two of your crafty friends have the day of work to come with you. It has cost a crunchie bar and a swapped day. Dee

  2. Just found you Clarky! Had a great time looking through your blog.... so am now following it!


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