Thursday, 5 November 2009

and another

This was my first stamper anonymous set. I bought it at GNPE on the Katys corner stand , I think about 2 years ago, which sadly is no longer in business. I adore that word - Believe - how magical this world would be if ony we could all believe :0)

Feeling pretty down today. I have finally heard from the DVLA who want me to return my driving license. So thats it - Its official I am no longer a driver until I am free from this awful menieres which has taken over my life. So life feels a bit pants today.
I am however a naturally half full not half empty person and know from experience worse things could happen so I will pick myself up and dust myself down and get on with it as i usually do. Just not today x


  1. Big HUGS. I am sure you will get your license back and everything sorted real soon!! apparently i am psychic according to a clairvoyant so you have to believe me!!

  2. just loving what you are doing with these stamps really love the backgrounds you do love cheryl xx

  3. Well done for being optomistic Janet. It's hard sometimes and life can be yuk!! I'm sending you a big hug across the Dales.
    Love your card and yes we should all Believe!!



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