Monday, 30 November 2009

Christmas Banner

This is something i finished last week. Its for my friend Jae. We haven't met up that often this year - we met during a difficult part of our lives and have been the emotional crutch for each other. Shes a fabulous person and so honest with me - she doesn't pussy foot around and just tells me it as it is and I love that honesty - even if its not what I want to hear. I think the fact we haven't met up much this year is an indication that our lives have been more positive in 2009 although we are still very much there for each other. However because I haven't physically seen her I'm not sure what to get her for Christmas. We are meeting up on Thursday so I wanted to be prepared.
This is one of the presents I have made. A Happy Christmas Banner that hopefully she will like enough to reuse for a few years. It was difficult to photograph as its so big! Each letter is on a 4"x5" piece of mountboard so its a lot to get in so Ive taken pictures in sections

The kit I have used is a K&Co past TSV so had the papers, stickers, rub ons and letter all to match. I have also added some craftwork cards poinsettias in places too.

It was fun to make as well as being (I hope) pleasing to the eye.

I hope she likes it - she has always been very positive about my card making even if she doesn't understand the passion for doing it!

although she has begun to cross stitch so maybe she will be joining me sooner than she thinks!

Really looking forward to meeting up for lunch on Thursday. We are going to Salts Mill in Saltaire. Jae has been before but its my first visit!

So about the weekend? Will be sharing my projects over the coming week - It was a FANTASTIC time with the most fabulous people and a very special beginning to Christmas so thanks ladies and you know how special you are to me xx Janet


  1. fabulous banner

    thank you for your lovely comment on my blog

  2. It looks great....I'm sure she'll love it.

  3. this looks fab love the design and colurs xxx

  4. This is fabulous Janet, love your work and love your company, it was a wonderful weekend
    x Michelle

  5. Brilliant idea. Love it
    Suzanne x


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