Sunday, 8 April 2012

Just a quickie

Happy Easter Sunday folks xx
The last few days have been really busy with Crafting events and the return home of all my children - my chicks are home for Easter!
Sadly I am working on an overnight shift again so wont see much of them but I did want to do my proud Mummy bit and share this - 
This is a track from an album my son James is writing and recording for his dissertation project at the end of his University degree. I love the gentleness in the sound.  I do hope you enjoy it too.
Now don't eat too much chocolate! My SIL brought Tim and I healthy Easter eggs this year laid by her lovely pet hens Paxo and Bisto - utterly delicious they were too!

have a great day folks xx


  1. Oh my goodness! James is one extremely talented young man. You are very much allowed to be a proud Mum! Is it going to be released? If so let me know x

  2. Happy Easter Janet. Just listened to the James is lovely!! What a talented young man!!
    Siobhan x

  3. I am listening to the track now - it sounds good to me. You must be very proud. Cheers Anne

  4. PS Janet I love the names of the hens!! Cheers Anne


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