Friday, 13 April 2012

Rocking my world Friday

What a mixed week - I feel like I have been on a roller-coaster of emotions but I promise to try and see the positives in the glum moments.
Last Saturday started well with another fab workshop at Samuel Taylors Embsay Crafts.  A quieter session as everyone seems to have been on holiday this week  but lovely non the less. Some stunning creations using the adirondack ink pads and masterboard technique.
Sunday was a lazy start before heading off to work for an over night shift.  My work pattern seems a little odd to those who have never worked in the care sector but I began at 2-30pm Sunday and finished at 3pm Monday. I also do earlies (7-3 )and lates (2-30pm till 9-30pm) with the odd 10 hour night shift to shake my body clock up a bit!)
The lovely Christina came to stay for a couple of nights collecting my son James and taking him back to Uni on Wednesday - what wonderful young people they are.  We watched Rent on Monday night and really enjoyed spending time with all our kids and Christina - wonderfully bright, intelligent, thoughtful and kind hearted people - My heart swelled with pride being with them all. They have amazing friends, my kids, which is a huge comfort to this Mummy.
Before he came home last week James told me he wanted to talk to me about his future plans.  The upshot is from uni he is going to move into a shared house with Christina and another friend so has effectively now "left home".
Saying goodbye on Wednesday was hard. The first of my flock to actively leave home.  This is actually  how it is supposed to be- you raise them, guide them, nurture them and hopefully they will make their way into the world.  I feel proud really I do he is a wonderful young man with a bright future ahead but the tears still fell and my heart ached a little. My baby boy all grown up and now a man. 
Tomorrow my eldest will do the same.  He goes back to Uni in Manchester then on 29th April we move him to Bangor so he too can begin life as a Man on his own two feet. My heart will ache all over again.
How wonderful to have 2 young men in my life who make me so proud. See I am trying hard to feel those positives.
On Wednesday night Megsy went out with a young man she has a little crush on, and some other friends too. Like her he is creative and musical, he also makes her laugh.  She was floating on air after the meal they had together and so pleased they had a good time .  At 16 she could be into all sorts but he like her is an old fashioned soul and they seem to be taking the friendship slowly. So sensible and wise unlike many of her other friends who are rushing into relationships. Another reason to feel proud.
Some of my work shifts have been stressful of late but on Wednesday I had a wonderful few hours with an autistic teenager.  It reminded me why I do the job I do which to be honest is getting lost a little in paperwork, regulations and cutbacks. It was lovely to have such an intense and direct reminder of the pleasure I get from the work I do.
Much of my crafting lately has been prepping things for upcoming classes so I cannot share pics however I had very blue fingers last night from a day crafting.  I am very pleased with the outcome too.
A day off tomorrow so I am ending on a huge positive. I feel very tired this week, possibly from all the emotions I have felt or maybe from the earlies I have worked but needless to say I am looking forward to a good lie in!
So what has rocked your world then? Do stop by the Queen of the Rockettes and share your positives from the last week - Hope to see you there xx

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  1. Ah bless you Janet I can tell that it's been an emotionally challenging week but focusing on the positives makes you realise what an awesome family you have and how well loved they all are! I hope your weekend is beautiful and blessed



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