Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Photograph of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert

Over on the docrafts forum someone left a link to this
Its an online digital scrapbook of Queen Victoria's life with some original photos and letters, reports etc released as Queen Victoria was the only other Monarch to have a reign of 60 years.
As a high user of the internet I access lots of information every single day but seeing this yesterday made me think how extremely lucky we are these days to have all this information at the touch of a button.  How wonderful that history is recorded for us all to access to in the comfort of our homes.
My Dad died in 1994 and he was fascinated with technology.  We were the first family to have a BBC computer in my peer group and my Dad made the most of every opportunity he had to learn more about how he could use it.
The year before he died he was telling me about digital photography and how in the future we would use computers to access our photos (at that point my world was my very small children and I had no interest in computers at all).  The internet had not appeared to the general public then (as I found when I googled it with this as the answer) but Dad looked forward to the day he would be able to join in the hungry passion and search for all the knowledge he could find on it.
I am thrilled to have seen the link to this fabulous piece of our history but when looking at it I was reminded that my dad never got to see what the internet would offer us all. That made me feel sad and as usual I missed him as I have everyday since he died.
Still another thing that would amaze him is that I have got to grips with it too - I was never interested in the computer until I found I could access on line forums such as docrafts and now look at me - I spend far too much time here LOL
So I thought I would share the scrapbook with you all - its a fascinating read so I hope you like it x

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  1. Janet, what a fabulous post! Had a quick reccy of the links but going to check them in depth :D.... Thanks for letting us IN to a precious part of your world. x x x


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