Friday, 18 May 2012

Rockin my world Friday

!) Family life and new beginnings - No 1 son is settled in his new Bangor life flitting between the Uni and his job and Manchester Uni to complete his Masters and also his hectic social life. I swell with pride at this direction his life has taken especially after seeing an old friend on Tuesday who lost her wonderfully talented and very handsome son to the terror that is depression last year. Our Tom too battled with this demon at the same age and thankfully won - I was filled with grief for my friend who was out with her family celebrating her sons life on the first anniversary of his death - how brave, what love, what sorrow.
Our James has found a house in Harrow - he and his fellow house mates have been searching for somewhere nice to live that they could afford and seem to have found just the right place. Nearer to London than Uxbridge and with a spare boxroom to be a teaching studio for  Christie and himself to teach in. Wow my cute little baby boy is now a Man with a house!!!
Today is our Megs last day as a school girl - she has been hyped up about her exams all week which continue through June - whoever thinks the exams are easier these days hasn't read what they have to achieve - wow Im amazed any 16 year old can sleep with all the pressure on them.  She has headed off to school with a spare shirt to get signed by her mates :0)

2) Friends new and old. - The craft weekend saw some wonderful new folks tiptoeing into my life - talented, funny and wonderfully friendly it was amazing getting to know them.  It was also special to see some old buddies and especially the gorgeous Emma, Joanne and Georgina.  In 3 weeks its our Claxby retreat - those weekends with my special friends are such luxury - I'm planning my projects now - they would expect nothing less - and a mini workshop to share with them . Cant wait.
Today is Stamping Club - our fortnightly get together with our close crafty buddies where we are making Mens cards.  Lots of ink and stamping for this one - cant wait.
Tomorrow is our inky workshop over at The Craft Range which will be more mens projects - we will get the ideas flowing for those chaps we find so tricky!

3) and now me.....
Yesterday I had an app with the dietician re my diabetes - the last couple of months I have not been as focussed but still not too bad.  I was thrilled my blood sugars are within normal range now and other levels have dropped dramatically.  Wow giving up chocolate and eating less meat has made a massive difference to my health and its been so easy! Just need to get back on the exercise routine to kick start my weightloss again.
Out last night with old friends - very old friends - where we pick up lives as if the years have just slipped by. Lots of laughter, reminiscing , flowing wine and a waiter called Gino.........Fabulous!

So it was supposed to be quick but its turned into a novel! so hope you are still awake :0)
Hope your week has been filled with joy and laughter, fun and friendship. Do stop by the Queen of the Rockettes for more positives and celebration of all those things good in our lives.
Thanks for stopping by
Janet x


  1. Am about the class today as always....

    Fab news about the diabetes..... - all the hard work to date really shows Janet.

  2. Just left a message then it disappears grrr - loving how your family life is changing and developing, its obvious that your children come from an amazingly supporting and loving family to be able to deal with what life is throwing at them!

    Loving also the dietician results - awesome stuff!

    Your retreats always look amazing, glad you enjoyed the last one and are looking forward to the next one, I love seeing the projects you create!

    hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead


  3. What a lovely, cheery post Janet!
    Your children are a credit to you.
    I love the sound of your retreats too.
    And what good news re your diabetes. Well done on making the changes..:)
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs xx

  4. eeek I've just realised I still haven't checked out all last week's Friday posts....and it's Friday already again!

    better catch up quick before the new wave hits :)

    It's hard isn't it seeing kiddies fly the nest - I have one who started Uni this year and another moving out in September, gulp. (Luckily I also have a 9 year old who will keep me occupied for a few more years yet :) )

    But it's also great to see them growing into fantastic young adults

    Fab news about your health improvements, and your crafting retreat sounds like it was a lot of fun (as did the meal with pals, and Gino :) )

    I would say 'have a great week' but it's already over, so I hope you HAD a great week!

  5. How proud you must be of both your son and your daughter. Hope her exams go well.
    Your retreat looks great.
    Hope you have a good week x


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