Friday, 25 May 2012

Rocking my world Friday

Wow its hot!
I know we Brits moan a lot about the weather but Skipton has been one of the hottest places in the Country 2 days on the trot! I am not a fan of heat - love it when there is a breeze but heat ahhhh.
So away from the moans what's my list of thankfuls for this week

Blue skies - always cheery and lift the mood.
Fizzy water - my fav in the heat drink!
My new distress pens - yup you heard me right distress pens - all mine :0)
To have the magazine deadline completed (well except for Michelle's write up and editing my long winded descriptions! but projects are done )
for 2 days off together to recharge boy did I need that!
For the joy my family brings me.
For having completed the prom shopping! Bargain dress but £60 shoes????
For the simple things in life - loved having cornflakes for breakfast this week!
For keeping in touch with friends
enjoying the banter
The orange flowers on the bush that's in the yard (Mums bush no idea what the plant is!)
an empty washing  basket
Charity work going on around me that I don't even know about!
( was asked to do a charity card making night for a local charity called bosom buddies - it gives money to families where cancer is touching their lives and making daily living even harder - didn't even know it existed till I was asked to do it  - wow all going on under my nose in my local area!)

No crafting to show again - too much hush hush going on..........
Do stop by the Queen of the Rockettes and let your heart be filled with grateful news at The Celtic House.
Have a great Friday x


  1. A lovely, lovely week Janet.
    You sound as busy as ever but so pleased you had time to recharge the batteries.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs xx

  2. Hi Janet its a roadadendron not sure spelling right bought when i went to scotland with Bridget reminds me of your Dad and Tioram love mum xxx

  3. ouch at the £60 shoes but hear hear for the blue skies :)

    I haven't had cornflakes in YEARS, can barely remember what they taste like, I might just go out and buy a box :)

    have a great week!

  4. Oh Janet that's a fabulous post, we've only just been talking about fizzy water - hubby on his way out to buy some more (although I have to add something to it LOL) and now I've added cornflakes to the list - porridge in this weather is just plain wrong - it's too hot! £60 for the shoes ... I bet they are lovely though! I'm loving the blue skies and today we have a breeze but I'll be honest and I'll say it quietly - it's a bit too warm for me - can't wait to hear what the hush hush is - the magazine article sounds fab. Hope you have a fabulous week ahead!

  5. My OH is going potty over cornflakes at the moment too. they just don't fill me up - has to be bran flakes with ice cold milk and dried fruit sprinkled on top for me in this hot weather :)

    Lovely upbeat post - have a great week x

  6. A fab list Janet. Sorry to hear about the heat. It;s been quite hot over here too. was in the mid 80's today again. Thought we would get a bit of rain but it all passed by. If you get the scrap365 mag my book finally made it in the june issue. So happy to finally have a project published. Hope you have a lovely week. Take care and hugs from across the pond. Angela

  7. I LOVE fizzy water too! Sorry to hear the heat isn't to your liking. Have to say I'm loving it :o)

    Exciting hush-hush stuff!!

    Have a great weekend,



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