Wednesday, 7 April 2010

WOYWW Being brave

Right for a start this may not even count as I took the pics on Sunday night but I havent been back in there to craft! I share a small craft room with my Mum and like most crafters we both have too much stash (all desperately wanted when it was bought!)

The desk itself is about 4ft long however as you can see I have a craft mats worth of space and thats when its tidy LOL. Most of my friends have not seen the craft room mostly as you have to walk through my bedroom to get to it which is still un decorated and has temporary wardrobes since we moved in 2 years ago this month!
As you can see here I have my ribbons and punches close to hand.

and also my acrylic stamps, brads, perfect pearls and whats that? matches? Yes well Im collecting them for a project we are doing at craft club in September but was worried buying 12 at once would arise suspician that I was a closet arsonist!!

Here are most of our wooden stamps between us- one or two dont you think LOL

This is where we keep cardstock, card blanks, envelopes, cello bags etc.

And this is the mess underneath the desk - maybe I should not have uploaded that one LOL. The smaller draws hold my paints, spare pegs, tape, glue etc. Ive been kind and not taken Pics of Mums side - mostly as you cant see the workdesk at all - its a storage area as she finds she is more comfortable crafting downstairs.
Just in case you are wondering I live in a terraced house which is joined to my Mums terraced house. The joining door is through my bedroom. Quite handy that we can share the craft space really.
So there it is Clarky Js messy craft space - Though I must confess I also craft downstairs at times too if I need to spread out - especially for 12 x 12 scrapbooking. Thanks for looking x


  1. What really fab crafting stash you have there. How lovely to have a Mum to craft with too :-)
    A x

  2. I think it's a really neat space and you are well organized. Think I might need some of your fairy dust to get mine sorted Beex

  3. wow Janet id love to be let loose in looks fab!!
    Hope your family meal went ok at the weekend.
    love debbie xxx
    ps. just noticed mt latest tent card matches your blog background xxxxlol

  4. What a fab way to share a craft room! Love your desk and all the stuff on (round, under, lol) it...

  5. The tags on your desk look interesting and you have some fab stash.

  6. brill loads of stash, and great that you get to share it...

    Paula x x x

  7. I think it great that you an your mom share a craft room...ohh I just love all that stash- the stam collection is awsome! the tags you have on your desk are very interesting!
    Thank you for the snoop!

  8. How lovely to share your stash and your craft space with your Mum.
    Your stamp collection is wonderful.
    Clare x

  9. Ooo you've got lots of bits and bobs there and how lovely to have someone elses stash to hand too!! xx

  10. Great WOYWW Clarky J! And no, the timing of the photo doesn't matter at all, nothing does - this is meant to be fun. Fascinating craft space, and so glad that you too have just enough to work on the craft mat - very reassuring. Love the idea of adjoining your Mum's house, how ideal that is. And those photos on your shelf edge - will you introduce us?!

  11. Thanks for letting us see your craft space Janet. Great being able to share with your Mum, sounds ideal. Nice to see your craft mat!!!
    Pat xx

  12. This work desk business is quite illuminating! (That's just a posh way of saying thanks for letting us be nosey!)
    Hope you're keeping well Janet - nice that you craft with your Mum. x x

  13. Hi Janet it's sooooo lovely to come & visit. :) It looks like heaven to me. You have spoilt us with so many photos. Thank You for letting us have a nosey. I spy your awesome tag for TT. Gez.xx

  14. amazing your space!


  15. Oh Lord Janet - it looks so tidy!!!! I'm not kidding, I wouldn't dare show off the space I'm working in right now! I have a 'proper' craft room upstairs but I prefer to work at the dining table and I haven't half made a mess of the place!!

  16. I know what its like to share a craft room and I too escape to down stairs to scrap. DD is organized ...I am messy ... so it does lead to problems sometimes lol Those tags look interesting

  17. oh yesyesyes!!! I wanna come and play! I think your floor is worse that mine, or tho' my work bench is...welll...much more messier at the moment. I'm nearly catching you up with the Tesco Jars, (for ribbons)I now have three..I keep taking their last one, so it's taking ages to collect them!

  18. I wanna come play too ... will you get us all in?????

  19. What a great space and so much stuff, although the words "too much" are not in my vocabulary!! Sounds like we're all meeting round yours for a rummage, some craft work and do you have any coffee, shall I bring cake or biscuits!!???? It was a fun snoop, thanks!


  20. I love all the shallow shelving you have. How great to have everything close at hand.


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