Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Are you feeling generous?

I have 2 huge favours to ask of my visitors.
The first is to visit a friends blog and look at her stunning art, maybe become a follower and it would be great if you left a comment - see here

The second is a little bit of a bigger favour!
I have a nine piece jigsaw which when made up is 12 x 12 inches square. I would like a piece of art along the theme of home and wondered if 8 of my followers would help me make it. I will send you a jigsaw piece along with a Rak I have made for you (you choose the theme) you decorate the piece then send it back to me.
How does that sound? Am I being tooooo cheeky?
Let me know by leaving a comment below. We would of course need to exchange addreses via email but I can do that if I get 8 takers.
Fingers crossed xx
Thanks Janet


  1. Im game, can count me in, think you already have my addy


  2. I would love to join in Janet...never done anything like this before but am willing to dive in and give it a go!! xx

  3. Hi Janet, I've just been to visit Yvonne's lovely blog and following it will be a pleasure!

    I'd love to alter a jigsaw piece for you. In return could I send you a piece to alter for me? They are one of my favourite things - a jigsaw jam swap and I haven't done one for a while. If you're interested, you can email me via my blog.

  4. Oooh Janet, send me a piece please, I would love to do one for you.

    Bee xx

  5. hi janet.If you get stuck i'll help hun xxx
    i have one of those still to decorate!!!lol
    love debbie xxx

  6. Janet, love to join in if you still have space
    also can you send details of the retreat in Sept and let me know what you need.

    Big hugs
    Tracey xx

  7. i will happily help my friend if you dare take a chance, luv georginaxx

  8. Sorry, forgot to say, joined Meggymays blog, lovely work, luv georginaxx

  9. Oh me I think I make eight - what do I need to do? I'd love to do one for you Janet! I also have one of those things in my stash somewhere but never done anything with it LOL!

  10. I bet I'm too late - I'd more than happily do it if you still need anyone Janet ;o) xxx


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