Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Its official I am unbalanced!

Today I went to BRI for the final vestibular testing the specialist referred me for. The findings are the balance organ in my right ear (the one with deafness and tinnitus) is not working and the one in my left ear is not working very well. That means when my brain gets confused and listens to the balance organ I fall over or get the vertigo symptoms.

Great I first think - at least we know whats happening now -but after thinking more about it what comes next? Ive never heard of a balance organ transplant??? Ive been searching the net tonight for clues - at the worst Im stuffed and at the best I may be able to retrain my brain to ignore the faulty messages. So anyone out there with any experience of this Id love to hear from you. For now I await the appointment to see the specialist again to hear what they think should happen.

Hope to craft a little tomorrow - need to make a new home card so I may have something to show you after all. Hope your week is going well and your Christmas preparations are coming along nicely x Janet


  1. So glad you know what's going on finally, hopefully you won't have to wait too long to see the specialist. Lets hope 2010 is more 'balanced' for you! Lots of love Jo x

  2. I know the feeling - LOL
    Sometimes I think I'm unbalanced too - or is that mentally unhinged???
    I know a spot of alcohol or two MAKES you dizzy, so I wonder if reverse phsycology would work?? Worth a try, at least it tastes good if it don't work! LOL
    Glad you know what it is anyways, perhaps the so-called experts can work something out for you. . .
    Teri xx

  3. oh Janet, we always knew you wre unbalanced but we loved you anyway so whats changed!!!!!!!!!!!! you will be fine, you have plenty of determination and someone will always be there for you, luv G.G.xxxx

  4. Hi Janet, glad to hear you know what's going on and hope the specialist will be able to balance you up. Can't image how you train your brain to ignore the faulty messages but most things are possible these days aren't they. Like Avril's idea of the alcohol!
    Pat xx


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