Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Let it Snow!

This is my Tuesday Taggers project for this week. Today I am going crafting for the last time this year with my good pals at the local shop. We are having a Jacobs Join lunch and finishing off any of our outstanding projects for this year.

I have made some shortbread snowflakes for my contribution. Made with the recipe from the good old BeRo book!

The tin is one my brother bought me from Fortnam and Masons in London. A rare time he has bought me a gift just from him without any prior planning. he told me he saw the tin and thought of me :0) Not that I am red and covered in snowflakes but the tin plays Jingle Bells and he knows I love Christmas. I have had it out every year since but as i have made shortbread snowflakes it seemed the perfect tin to take them in so I have also covered up the label with some card with snowflake brads and a handmade at Christmas stamped and embossed.
I am quite pleased with it and also for the memory of my brother buying it for me.

Hope you like it
x Janet x


  1. Glad I am not the only one up in the middle ofd the night. The biscuits look yummy. Have a great day Bee xx

  2. Oooohh, yummy!!
    Hope you are safe and well in all this ice!!
    Teri xx

  3. Yummy!!!!!!
    Your biccies look delicious and what a perfect tin for them.
    Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year.


  4. Yum yum those biccies look scrummy. Hope you enjoyed your crafting with your pals.
    Thank you for the lovely card.
    Pat xx

  5. oh what a shame I couldn't have been there to taste them. Really annoyed I couldn't get there. See you soon. Emma xx

  6. mmmm they look delish!!lol
    hope you had a great day craftingxx
    debbie xx


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