Sunday, 15 May 2011


Since bloggers blip on Thursday/ Friday I am having such problems. I can access my blog, can get to my dashboard but as soon as I leave the dashboard to go elsewhere it signs me out. So I sign back in and it takes me to the dashboard and the same thing happens all over again.

I thought that signing out myself may help so clicked on sign out on the dashboard it clears the screen and then takes me back to the dashboard again.

This is so frustrating when I cannot leave comments on any blogs. I cannot access my admin blogs except to leave an actual post and the whole thing is very annoying. I seem to be only having this problem with blogger so has anyone any ideas? I didnt realise how much I would be lost without blogger I must say but then this to boot arrrggghhh!
please please help!


  1. Its a pain - I cannot log out either. Every time I log off I get the dashboard page. Comments I can leave, but I have to sign in again when I start to do that. Have to sign in to upload photos too. Just wish they'd get it sorted. . .

    . . .See, had to do it again just then!!

  2. Hi Janet

    When we had the picture problems a while back I switched to Google Chrome leaving Explorer behind and never going back. Like everyone Thursday/Friday's Blogger meltdown effected me but once it was sorted everything else has been fine.

    It is easy to switch just google and download Chrome and you are away. you will need to find your favourites again but the bookmark bar at the top of the page is very user friendly.

    What ever you decide good luck getting your problems sorted. XOXO Zoe

  3. I'm having similar problems Janet! Good luck. Sorry I can't help - I'm tearing my hair out here - I even have to log in to leave a comment on my own blog!
    Hugs xx

  4. Janet, It is very frustrating when something you are used to goes away or breaks. I had similar issues and had to switch to google chrome reader . I could not leave comments or edit and now I cannot view my blog at all with IE. Microsoft is such a pain in the neck too. Chrome is free and seems to work fine. Hope this helps. Angela

  5. Hi Janet don't know if your problem is solved. I might be a little careful with chrome as it does/can effect your settings. Hope it's all resolved soon. Hugs Bee


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