Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Try it on Tuesday - Rolling back the years!

Over on Try it on Tuesday - I picked the theme this week which is to roll back the years till the 70s - think TV programmes, music, fashion, colours lots of scope with this one. The 70s brought us Grease, saturday night fever, the bay city rollers, the Osmonds, Flares, boob tubes (never could wear one of those) and satin trousers.Colours - well nothing was out of bounds along with metallics, stripes, paisley patterns, pink and purple. For TV remember Ivor the engine? the clangers? the Cedar tree - anyone remember that one? Grange Hill, As you can see I have chosen a TV programme - the wonderful Bagpuss. TV was such a treat in the 70s only 3 channels for a start and kids programmes were on a set times in the day. I remember seeing Bagpuss with my little brothers and sisters and when I had kids I introduced them to the big saggy cloth cat who was so endearing.
My niece and nephew enjoyed the revival in the noughties too. When our M was just a toddler one of his favourite toys at our house was a Bagpuss mouse who sang "we will mend it we will mend it we will stick it with glue glue glue, we will stickle it every little bit of it , we will make it like new, new, new" - he loved it and we loved seeing his little face light up when he heard it sing. We now have the boxed dvd collection so Bagpuss is really special at this house and available at any time for a little fond nostalgia :0) ( My SIL has the professor as bookends on her mantle shelf so the whole family is a little Bagpuss mad!)

Stamps I have had a few years - cant remember who they are made by . Papers are by stampin up, the friend ticket stamp is from pink gems and I have used promarkers to colour.
Hope you feel inspired to join in - stop by the Try it on Tuesday blog for more inspiration and to add your entry.

Hope all is well with you and yours. The next bit is not about the challenge so please feel free to move on if you hate moaning!
Its been a rollercoaster the last few days On Friday I had my first vertigo attack in 10 and a half months. I felt it coming on and at full pelt I was unable to move for about an hour. It stopped me doing a class for the disabled ladies we work with and left me emotional, drained and feeling pretty helpless. In some ways having them regularly means I never forget what they do to me - it has been so long I forgot how disabling and helpless they make me feel.
I think I may have had a virus last week as I had very loud tinnitus, was very deaf and also had headaches Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I must confess I wept most of Friday afternoon - partly as the attack makes me feel so emotional and partly through feeling so sad that I have no control over it at all - None. Thats what I hate about the condition having no control whatsoever - I had lulled myself in to a false sense of security and wham it reminds me all over again.
Still only had Friday to wallow as back to work Sat, Sun and Mon and that in its self does me good - I hope this disease never stops me from working as working really does keep me going in the sanity department - no time to think about myself when there is a job to do and people needing caring for and I have been fine - tired but fine - and this week is a busy one so no time to wallow. Sorry for moaning but it does help getting it all out.
Am off for a days crafting today so its a chill day got 2 commissions on the go that I must finish asap so wish me luck. Happy Crafting folks x Janet


  1. oh wow love the colour and loved the tv program too, love how you have presented it, take care
    Hugs Kate xx

  2. OMG .. this is my all time FAVE show .. and you have def got it down to a T with this card..
    You have made my day with this card!!!

  3. You take care of yourself Janet...... See you Friday, soooooooo looking forward to the class. Hugs alison x

  4. Really gorgeous (and nostalgic!) card Janet.
    So sorry to hear of your vertigo coming back. Sending hugs and sparkles.

  5. LOVE the card my friend,of course the vertigo leaves you emotional and drained but you have the strength of character to keep going, lots of hugs, luv Georginaxxx

  6. Oh Janet, It is so frustrating when we are not well. I hope you are feeling better soon. Keep your chin up and remember things will get better. Now as for the blast from the past Oh I remember some of it. I had this great paisley top with a big collar I loved and my Grease and Cassidy records. Being from the states though I am not familiar with Bagpus. Just heard of him when we got here. Did you guys have Magic Garden over here? That was another of my absolute fav's. Thanks for the flashback it was great thinking about all those things. Have a great day and feel better!! XX Angela

  7. OOps, Forgot to tell you I loved the card. Who is that little bird. I love him. Take care. Angela

  8. Oh dear Janet I was only thinking the other day that you hadn't mentioned having an episode so I presumed all was going well.Let's hope it's another 10months or even better longer before another attack. Glad you are keeping busy and I hope you feel better.
    Love your card it's amazing and love all your lovely memories behind your choice of images. Brilliant! xx

  9. So sorry about your vertigo attack. Love the card beautifully made and great colours. Mark loved Bagpuss and as for Grange Hill, Raymond was likened to the wood work teacher in the show. Hugs Bee and Dee

  10. Fab card! I loved the Clangers, especially the soup dragon. I remember several of those serialised children's dramas like the tomorrow people and children of the stones too. Hope you are feeling much better now. there have been so many viruses this year, and I wouldn't be surprised if that was the cause. Hope it is a long time before it troubles you again!

  11. Absolutely love the card, what a fab trip down memory lane, I still have a big fluffy bagpus to remind me of my childhood. I am so sorry to hear your vertigo has raised its ugly head again. I can't imagine how awful and debilitating it must be for you hon, I do hope you have a better week this week, I think you are amazing to do all you do anyway without the added troubles the vertigo causes, and dont ever apologise for 'moaning' we all need to let these things out and have a little vent, thats what friends are for, to listen and support ! Sending you a great big cyber hug and wishing you well Janet - take care xxx

  12. Janet look after yourself, I was just thinking about how well things were going for you. You deserve to have a good moan. love your card and memories. Yvonne x


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