Friday, 27 May 2011

Rockin' my world Friday!

So its Friday again Rockettes and I am around to play along. I've been holding back my news all week to share today so I have a BIG NO1 to tell you!

1) I had a specialist appointment on Tuesday and he says I can apply for my license back! Well actually he didn't think I had surrendered it thought I could just drive straight away - I won't query why he doesn't know the laws about what you have to tell the DVLA about your fitness to drive but I know I went through all the proper channels . i may have to wait about 3 weeks before I get the bit of paper and yes I still have to prise the car away from Tim occasionally but it will be sooo good to have that bit of independence back!
2) As always my family and friends for putting up with my foibles, whims and especially my craft obsessions!
3) docrafts - now I have been part of this forum for over 5 years now and it really is an amazing place. Last weekend we found out DD suffers from Polycystic ovarian syndrome in both ovaries. Quite a discovery for a 15 year old to cope with however I asked on docrafts if anyone would be willing to share their "story" via a private email and I was overwhelmed by the lovely response - all positive - giving their story, offering advice , books to read, websites to visit and a whole new forum to introduce us to. This was wonderful and has made the information so much easier for our Megs to cope with - the forum we were told about has a whole teen section to it so she can "chat" to other teens about the problems and how she feels which is great. I have to say I think the docrafts community really is amazing and although most folks you will never meet - they do become cyber friends. I have met folks through it who have become dear friends - So I will always be grateful to docrafts for giving me that community.
4) Crafting friends - the last couple of days has seen me meet up with a few crafting buddies which has been brilliant always good to chat and craft.
5) Colleagues - we have been fighting a difficult issue at work and as ever I seem to have been the spokesperson and getting on the bosses nerves! - the situation reached a head last week when we sent the boss a letter signed by us all outlining our grievance and he agreed to meet with us on Tuesday. I asked everyone to voice their concerns and not just leave it to me and they did! I hardly said anything really as they said it all - it didn't change anything but it did make the Boss see we were all saying the same thing and it really is a group concern. I felt very proud of them. Not sure where we go from here with the issue but it was really heartening to see us working together to try and resolve the whole issue. I was a Union rep for quite some years but stood down about 6 years ago but I really hate injustice and if I think I am not being treated fairly or my colleagues aren't I get quite fired up. Think this is the first time my Boss has seen me like this as I am usually quiet, compliant and always up for doing what needs to be done . Think he is going to see a different side over the next few months as I become inflexible and pedantic about what he wants from me. Such a shame but he really has asked for it LOL. So Yay for solidarity with workmates!
Stop by the Celtic house - home of Rockin' your world Friday and share more positives to kick start a great weekend x
Hope your Friday rocks !!


  1. Hi Janet

    Such a lovely poste this week - really positive and endearing. Well done!


  2. What a week you've had Janet!! So pleased to hear about your driving license, it'll be great for you to have your freedom back.

    Jill x

  3. Wow that's an amazing list - cyber forums helping issues is great, it stops you feeling so isolated and I often think you can ask harder questions than you would face to face. Good for you and your colleagues for voicing your issues even if it doesn't get you much further down the line a voice in these situations is essential and knowing that you're all talking off the same sheet makes such a difference. And licence back that sounds fantastic a little bit of independence goes a long way and thank you for the cyber hug for Melanie - sending them back from us both Janet hope you have a truly beautiful and blessed weekend!

  4. An amazing list - am so glad you and DD found the support like that. The online community has such wonderful people in it :)

  5. Wow, you've had a busy week, haven't you? Hopefully you'll see some positive things coming from what's happenend. Hugs xx

  6. Just hoping by, I am delighted to hear you can have your licence back well done, Have a lovely rest this weekend I think you have earned it after a busy week.
    take care

  7. What a lovely positive post :)

    Yes online friends can be a lifesaver... if it weren't for them (mostly Carmen) 'chatting' to me online (and irl as far as carmen is concerned) I don't know what I've have done since hospital. You definitely find out who your friends are and I've found out.. Colburn doesn't really have that many but The Wide World has a few for me :)

    Woo license back is cool.. I've never been able to drive but having freedom again.. that's something I can relate too.. can't wait til I get me (albeit small amount of) freedom back! lol Every Little Helps as a supermarket is always telling us :)


    G xxx

  8. Way to Go You!!! Could have been a real downer of a week and you turned it into all positives :D Lucky Daughter to have such a strong mum !! :D XXX


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