Friday, 6 May 2011

Rocking my world Friday

Well this week has been a bumpy ride I must say hospital appointments with DD on Tuesday and the turbulance at work Tuesday through to Thursday but I am happy to report my gratefuls this week and have not got too far to dig to find them.
1) As always my family nothing special just because I wouldn't function without them x

2) My friends - today is a lovely day as my pals Emma, Andy and Georgina are coming for the weekend - they are fabulous folks who brighten my life just by being there. Never any pressure they accept me for who I am and still come to stay- good job as I am No domestic Goddess as the notice warns them as they come throught the door! Tomorrow we celebrate National scrapbooking day together - the 5th time I have organised something so we will be joined by some of my other crafty chums too - lovely

3) The weather - another glorious week - a little rain yesterday but the gardens needed it! another week of dry washing too!

4) B&M bargains! yes I know this is a funny one but Michelle and I were out scouting for men gifts yesterday for workshop ideas and we found a beaut! Tis a secret for now but we have laughed a lot at it and laughter is good for the soul is it not?

5) Craft stamper! it was late again - I just cant cope when its late - I count the hours to the postie coming again - must have been the bank holiday that delayed it but hurrah it arrived yesterday - as always a fab read - I am so greedy I devoured every detail last night before bed only another 4 weeks to go before the next issue - I wonder how many times I will thumb this one? I tided up beside my bed last night and my issues are rather well looked at - I revisit old issues inbetween the new ones for inspiration and love trying out the projects. So there my secret is out I am a CS junkie!

Hope your week has gone well - I am out at The Stamp Man today playing again and awaiting the arrival of friends - really looking forward to the weekend and hope you have good things planned too x



  1. Hi Janet. There are always so many things to be grateful for! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  2. Glad your world rock again this week looking forward to tomorrow. hugs Bee

  3. Hi Janet

    We all have our secret little foibles and desires so if they're crafty then all is good!!!

    Fab list as always.


  4. Love the list Janet, family and friends at the heart of it - laughter and love - absolutely awesome - can't wait to see what you and Michelle found that kept you so amused and I've yet to go grab my copy of CS - keep meaning to do a subscription for it but keep forgetting and it's one of my current addictions also - so you're not on your own!

    Hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend


  5. A great list Janet - hope you have a lovely crafty weekend. :)
    I too am addicted to Craft Stamper but am always surprised when it lands on the doormat! The new issue arrived yesterday and I'm hoping to try out at least three of the projects this week.
    Hugs xx


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