Saturday, 18 February 2012

Rockin my world and 2 more pages

I am writing this on Friday honestly but have scheduled the post for Saturday whilst I am busy.
Here goes with my list of gratefuls.

1) as always my wonderful family - for a loving hubby and 3 wonderful people I am proud to call my children - no specific reasons this week - just a heart filled with love for them. (Hubby has had a better week too)
2) My SIL Linda who spent the day with me today (Friday) shopping in Leeds for a prom dress. I am not a lover of shopping (craft shopping is an exception you understand) but it was lovely to share time with the girlies in the family and get an idea of what our Megsy would like. We didn't come back with a dress (for the prom but did buy another for her- woohoo our Megsy now owns a dress!) but I got a cute little tin from Cath Kidston full of pins and a lush toilet bag from primark for my sleepover essentials!
3) Friendship - Our Megsy brought her friend Emily with her to look too. They have been friends since babies but after primary school went to different secondary schools. Its amazing seeing the easy way they are with each other - excited inane chatter, deep meaningful conversations and companiable silence. I do not remember having something so special at her age and think its a mighty fine blessing that she has such a friend. They are such different people, although both with a love of art , animals and horses but come together with such respect for each other. Whilst in Leeds we met one of Megsys other friends - she is a Jehovahs Witness not that that has anything to do with anything except she is not going to the prom as she is not allowed to - she is not upset or resentful just matter of fact that its not for her and her beliefs. Despite this she was excited to hear what Megsy was interested in and looked excitedly at her new dress. My reason for telling you this is that both Emily and Megsy accept she is not going to the prom too, and quite rightly, but unquestioningly they fully respect her beliefs which I have to say makes me feel hugely proud of them. I think they are growing into very considerate and wonderful young ladies with well rounded thoughtfulness for those around them - I so wish that was a GCSE - they would both get an A* from me! Teenagers get such bad press at times but the ones I know are wonderful people and make me proud to know them.
4) My friends - as this posts today (Saturday - hope I'm not confusing you LOL) I am with some of my dearest friends. Together we are celebrating Georginas birthday which is on the 26th - we are crafting together at a gorgeous little shop in Northallerton called The paperlane - fab name for a fab shop! I just know we will have fun and laughter all day.
So here is the crafty pages missing from my last post - saved till today until Georgy has seen them.

My final grateful is about my Sis Amy who was involved in a car crash on Thursday night - Thankfully both she and her support worker are both fine. having lost one family member to a road traffic accident I am extremely grateful they are both ok - even if the car is a total write-off!
Hope you have found lots of reasons to feel grateful this week - for more positives hop on over to the Queen of the Rockettes at the Celtic House1


  1. Oh Sweetie I'm so glad your sister and her care worker are OK, that sounds awful!!!! The cards you have made are gorgeous as always. Finding young people so truly inspiring - I too find this and often find it difficult to relate to the news stories at all - let's just say I'm not a lover of the way they put all young people in the same group do they - so why single young people out like that. the prom dress shopping sounds exciting and fun in equal measures and getting little treasures from the Kath Kitson shop sounds awesome too.

    I hope you have a fabulous day today, with lots of friends.

    Glad hubby has managed a better week too!

    Hugs as always


  2. So glad your sister is ok! And glad you had an otherwise lovely week :D XXX

  3. So pleased your sister is OK - (((hugs))) for her.
    I can totally relate with your thoughts on young people - having the boy we've met lots of them over the years and I can honestly say that with very few exceptions they've all grown up to be lovely, thoughtful young men...I suppose that doesn't make for catchy headlines though.
    Hope you had a wonderful crafty Saturday.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. the DVD arrived safely (and the beautiful card). Thank you so much! xx

  4. I'm so glad to hear that Amy and her worker are OK - what a shock it must have been for all of you. I love the story of your daughter and her friends - it truly gladdens the heart when young ones are given so much bad press all around us.

    Hope your Saturday crafting was lovely.



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