Friday, 10 February 2012

Rockin my world Friday!

It doesn't seem like 2 minutes since I was posting this last week but whilst I have going through the week it has seemed rather long.
I'm going to try not to moan at all this week and trust me that will be hard - so positives.

No 1 son says he is feeling on top of his heavy assignment schedule with his Masters and is even fitting in a visit to see his Bro in London - lovely that they are becoming mates now they are men. (Mummy- proud moment)
No 2 son tells me he has been meditating and finding it is having a positive effect on his studying. I would never have thought he would go in for meditation - just shows how much the influence of his peers has had on him. Apparently one of his lecturers has been giving meditation classes after lectures to those who wanted to try it. I am all for anything that helps calm the mind and give you strength to face the hurdles life throws up. Its something I have never done but would like to try - so anyone with any tips for me?
Yay its half term! Our Megsy needs some home time to have time to herself again. Like the rest of us she needs time to play with her drawing/ sketching and writing without the distraction of her GCSE work. We begin the half term celebrations watching Water for Elephants together tonight - snuggled on the sofa together under the fleecy throw with popcorn - how indulgent are we!!!
After a dismal week on the exercise front this week has been much better. Food wise I am continuing to keep off the chocolate and away from sweet stuff on the whole. That's all I can ask of myself really. I have no idea about weight loss but now my clothes are looser, I am moving around more and generally I am feeling the need to binge much less. I have also tried harder to have breakfast this week and that has made a huge difference.
Yesterday I had a playdate with friends Barbara, Debbie and Michelle. We used to meet up regularly to craft together but time has passed by so quickly since the last one. Debbie and Barb have birthdays coming up and wanted to play with the sewing box project from the retreat last year. Its a long time since we have crafted together in this way but it was such a wonderful day - I felt really relaxed and very much cared about if that makes sense at all? (after the day I had on Wed I know they do) I do have a project almost ready to share - just a finishing touch or two to make. Thanks Ladies I really needed that xx

on a crafty note - the workshop at Embsay went really really well. All the ladies left much more confident at stamping which of course was the aim of the whole session and most booked into March or Aprils classes too - so they want to play with us again - Hurrah!
Our Craft Range session is tomorrow I just know it will be the same there too.
More ink Lovers for Lovin Ink!!!

Today was stamping Club - Alas Michelle could not make it due to the weather but 7 ladies braved the snow and ice and we had fun with Stampin up products.
here is one of the cards

Not the best photo as the lighting is bad - where on earth do you find those little pop up things to place projects in to photograph them I need one badly!
We had a lovely time playing with papers and stamps from the sale-a-bration promotion - they really are lush - contact Emma for more details here.
Thanks for a lovely day ladies and helping me clear up afterwards - you are all fabulous!

I think that could be it folks - as always I am surprised what there is to be thankful for even in a rotten week - Do stop by the Queen of the Rockettes at the Celtic House where being positive is what rocks the world on Fridays xx


  1. A fabulous list as always Janet, glad your crafting and crafting time with friends has been so productive and positive and yay for you keeping away from the chocolate and sweet stuff - if your clothes are feeling looser then your obviously doing the right thing! An evening curled up on the sofa with popcorn and a good film - sounds like a blissful evening to me.

    Hugs as always

  2. Hi Janet. Loved reading your post.Proud Mummy moments are precious and I love them too. I used to meditate most days a few years back in the early stages of my illness and found it very beneficial, although never got it quite right! Always fell asleep while listening to the music lol. Good for you on the chocolate front and binging, isn't easy is it? Your card is lovely, beautiful colours and stamped backgrounds. Carolxx

  3. I love that card Janet - so elegant..:)
    Pleased your class went well and that you've had time for crafting with friends this week - nothing better is there ?
    Well done on avoiding sweet things..I'm still struggling.. but I'll keep on trying.
    Have a great weekend - I'm sure the class will be as successful as last week's!
    Hugs xx
    p.s. do let me know what you think of "Water for Elephants". I loved the book so am a bit wary of the film.

  4. I LOVE the colours on your card Janet, it has a subtle William Morrison feel about it :D So glad life is going well for you this year, and your family sound so contented :D XXX

  5. Really enjoyed yesterday so glad some of the ladies managed to get to stamping club today. It was all shot ice up here tried to ring you and left a message really missed the class today. Have your money in my hands. Take care Hugs Bee

  6. That's why I love Rocking Fridays - even in amidst what sounds like a tough week you've found a fabulous list of positives!

    The crafting sesh shounds so much fun and what great news that your son has found such a way to relax. Well done on the healthy eating too! I forgot to put that in my post this week!

    Have a good 'un x

  7. Sounds like a great "mommy" week for you. As far as your clothes fitting better, I think that what's it all about. I can be up or down on the scale, but if my clothes pinch - I don't feel good. Keep it up!

  8. Sounds like you've been busy again Janet and doing some fabulous crafting.
    Like you I've been cutting out the naughty stuff and the clothes are feeling a bit looser. Not sure how long it will last though. I've always wanted to give meditating a go but never got around to it, who knows one day!
    Re the pop up photo tent, take a look on ebay, that's where I got mine. Mind you my sons got it now hence the dodgy photos.
    Have a good weeek xx


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