Friday, 24 February 2012

Rocking my world Friday

Im away from the computer at home so have not been able to upload my usual Rocking My World picture. This week has been a bit pants to be truly honest so I am digging deep for the grateful feelings. My first is this picture of yesterdays lunch

Trying to be healthier sure has had its compensations - the humble boiled egg has made a massive resurrection in this year - what can be nicer than a runny yolk egg? This one was made Heston style by my hubby and was utterly delicious with some granary toast.

My Molly Bloom stamps have given me much pleasure this week with a whole lot of colouring going on. I began this on Sunday. Coloured the pictures on Tuesday then finished it off on Wednesday. Yes I have definately needed to de stress!
Need something above the hen - the space is not quite right - any suggestions?
Isn't George cheeky here?
This back page is yet to finish.

Am thrilled to hear from No 1 son that he has been accepted to annalize some data for a piece of research - my idea of torture but he is very happy!

Megsy had a lovely evening with some exchange students last night and has really enjoyed their company and input into her language skills.

No 2 son has now got 7 pupils to teach which is very exciting for him - his perseverance at the teaching website is paying off which is brilliant.

Hubby has at last got his prescription - chemist have to order it in but it should be here by Monday - I am very grateful for that one!!!

And me - well I'm glad to have got to the end of the week without actually tearing my hair out!

Hope your week has been full of special things xx

Stop by The Celtic house and find out how my fellow Rockettes have got on with their grateful lists this week.


  1. cor yummmy eggs,,,could just eat one now ..graganry bread too right up my breakfast list lol...glad your sons happy..and glad youve kept your sanity in tact..the card a right smasher love it hugds sassy

  2. Oh sweetie, you've had a tough week but at least you've managed to find some positives to pull out of the week!!!!

    Strangely enough we had a boiled egg and soldiers tea this week too - nothing finer!

    Loving your Molly Bloom work, gorgeous stuff, although I can't think of anything to go above the hen because it looks perfect to me!

    Glad your kids have had some rocking moments this week and glad to hear that hubby now has his prescription.

    Remember this next week to breath and relax and smile (even when you are screaming on the inside), remind yourself that you can only do so much that you are only responsible for your own actions and reactions and that sometimes things are out of your control and hopefully that will make life easier, and when all else fails pick the phone up and have a natter to close friends, just to help put things into perspective.

    Here is hoping this next week is one that is much calmer for you

    Much love as always

  3. Oh Janet, sorry to hear that you've had such a stressful week....hugs and sparkles coming your way.
    But....such lovely, move forward positives. Well done to both your sons and I'm so happy that your hubby will finally get the meds he needs.
    I'm loving poached eggs at the moment...but your boiled egg has me licking my lips....esp. with granary soldiers...yum!!!
    Hope your weekend is lovely and that next week is better for you.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. where were the exchange students from?

  4. Mmmm, I really fancy a runny boiled egg now! I hope you 'let the witch out' afterwards - do you know what I mean by that?!

    Well done for finding those positives, you dug really deep and found 'em!



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