Sunday, 12 February 2012

So a little Movie review

Water For Elephants
Megsy has wanted to see this film like forever! I suspect its Robert Pattinson as well as the elephant that's the driving force - even though she is a loyal Taylor Lautner - Jacob - fan in Twilight it has to be said Mr Pattinson is very easy on the eye.

My first thoughts were ( after the beginning which is not so happy) at least he gets to flash a realistic smile and look a reasonable colour in the film. Whilst a pale skin and brooding eyes are great for a vampire look this natural colour and smiling eyes suits him much better!

These 3 characters are central to the whole plot (I'm not going to spoil it for folks who have not seen the film yet) and all do a great job - even if the plot is a little predictable.

I loved the scenes for the Circus, although the whole train thing did remind me of Dumbo, and thought the Elephant, Rosie, played an excellent part!

So thumbs up?
Ticked the eye candy box quite definitely.
A good chick flick sort of movie.
I would watch it again.

So Susie my dear - as I have not read the book I cant say if the film will spoil your ideas from the book - however if you want to watch it I can pop it in the post for you to drool over R Pats.

have a great Sunday folks xx


  1. Ooh, that would be lovely Janet...I'll just sit and drool and ignore the!
    Seriously...if you say it's worth a watch I'd love to see it.
    Thank you.
    Hugs xx

  2. Looks and sounds very good xx


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