Friday, 3 February 2012

Rockin my world Friday

Friday again?? how can this be? the month of January has flashed by and here we are in the magic month (my boss describes February as a magic month when we notice the longer days).
I am going to moan first!
Work has been really difficult this week - the changes are beginning to take its toll and we are all feeling the pressure.
Hubby has been really bad this week. he has been off work with depression for the last 2 and a half months. this is his 3rd week of no medication - another week to go before he can start new meds and boy is it hard watching him suffer.
My Cousin has undergone a difficult operation following an awful time with crohns disease. Its a nasty nasty illness - i hope she recovers speedily.
But I am here to celebrate the positives of the last week - so negatives out of the way lets move on!

At the beginning of the week my sons bands new website went live you can see and hear them here
Proud Mummy does not describe how I feel!
I did a little LO for his life scrapbook
The respect title is firstly because I respect the way he is making his dreams reality and also the demo song on the website is Respect and I love listening to the vocalist, Christina's fabulous voice!

My second grateful is that my eldest Tom is still very much enjoying Uni doing his masters degree - he seems on task with all his assignments and has a clear path sorted for what he plans to do in the future - Moms are always happy when the kids are settled don't you think?

Our Megs is delighted to be over the recent bout of exams - half term is our goal to begin the prom dress search - I have called in re- enforcements in the form of auntie Linda Hubbys sister. Linda has lots of taste and is always on trend so I will bow to her knowledge and just hold the chequebook!

So after saying that my cousin has just had surgery - we have another teenager amongst us. Mainly staying next door with Mum during the day- My little cousin Georgia - Stephs daughter is staying at our house in James' room. Stephs own Mum, My auntie Julia died in 1989 so Steph looks at my mum as her Mum figure. Lovely to spend more time with Georgia and find out more about her dreams and aspirations - quite different from my own children she would like to have her own tattoo parlour!
I was about to type that I have an unexpected day off today however I have just received a phone call to go into work anyway due to staff sickness - whoops have slipped away from the positives!

Last night it was craft club again as always fab to be with likeminded folks. I set up a facebook page last week for the group and its lovely watching the banter and tips develop. Facebook can be a great tool for bringing folks together.

Michelle and I have our first workshop tomorrow at Samuel Taylors, Embsay. We are delighted that its also FULL!

So all in all I suppose the positives do actually win - that's the thing about RYWF it can really help you focus on what's important. Do stop by the Queen of the rockettes and see what's happening over there.

have a wonderful weekend folks and thank you as always for stopping by


  1. Ah Janet a whole mix of things there, but I can see the positives, hope that hubby manages another week before the new meds, it's not nice seeing loved ones struggling! Loving the layout with your son in - amazing stuff - will go and check out the link later! Loving that you and Michelle have a fully booked crafting class amazing stuff! Hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead and that work isn't too difficult today and that the changes don't cause too many issues.

    Hugs as always

  2. Will be checking out the link to the band..and pleased your eldest is on track for his masters..:)
    Sending healing sparkles and hugs to your hubby and cousin.
    Sorry about the pressures at work but doing a happy dance that your class is full - WTG you and Michelle.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs xx

  3. Well done for finding the positives when you've got so many worries to think about too. Your son's band look great, and their website is very cool. Good luck to them as they pursue their dream.

    Have a great weekend (I hope you husband gets through it as best he can).


  4. Janet, I totally understand your worries over hubby. I made mine resign his job on boxing day, when I found out he was on Valium and Beta blockers from the Gp for stress induced depression.....we don't even keep asprin in the house we so rarely need medication for anything. Fortunately he has bounced back and is putting loads of effort into finding a new job.
    So glad your craft sessions are so are a very talented lady and deserve great success :D XXX

  5. Dear Janet your life is certainly full of highs and lows and just hope the highs keep on out weighing the lows. Hope your husband finds a way through the darkness soon.
    Certainly gonna check out your son's video.
    Enjoy the weekend and keep nice and warm. xx

  6. So horrible to see our loved ones in pain and not be able to help them. So hard for you too.

    Some fab positives there though. Isn't it wonderful to see them go after their dreams. As someone who left it much later in life to start doing just that I am so hoping my girls chase their dreams with all their heart. So lovely to read that.

    Have a lovely week :)

  7. I hope your hubby starts to feel more himself soon, it must be very difficult for you both. Hope your cousin also recovers from her op quickly. Your sons band looks great, you should feel really proud!
    Good luck with your first workshop, hope everything goes great for you!
    Have a good week x

  8. Sounds like a mixed week but I am glad that spending some time focussing on the positives has helped

    Your son's band sounds good on the demo track on their website, I hope they get lots of bookings!

    have a great week


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