Friday, 2 March 2012

Rocking my world Friday and Stampman atcs

Its been a better week thank goodness, I dont think I will have far to look for some gratefulness today!
No 1 son had an interview today at his old Uni in Bangor as a research assistant - would be fab if he got the job though he said the competition is tough. Last year when he was out of work he was despondent at not even getting an interview for jobs so I am thrilled that as this is the field he wants to move in he got an interview straight away. He finds out on Monday.
No 2 son says he will only be home for 5 days at Easter which is not a plus (too short a visit :0( )however the reason is, he is so into his dissertation piece of work he wants to get all the fine tuning right long before the deadline - so the planning bit is a plus :0)
Our Megsy has had a good school week. She gets easily worked up about her exams but this weeks has plodded through her work schedule steadily and even stayed after school for extra classes - another forward thinking plan. I am more pleased with the fact she is not stressed though as its one thing our home does not need right now!
At last hubby started on his meds. He has had a more positive week which is very good.
I feel a family group ahhh hug coming on ((((((hug)))))).
I had a brilliant day on Wednesday at The Craft Range in Burnley doing a Molly Blooms class. The last few months Mum and I have travelled to Hapton treating ourselves to this indulgence. Sadly I am working the next 2 sessions but this time playing with these cuties has been very precious as has crafting time with Mum. Mum treated me to lunch as I did not have to rush back to work which was fab x Thanks Mum x
Work has been particularly stressful the last month - procedure changes, staff sickness and an ofsted inspection does not make for a good mix however this week has felt better. I had a lovely shift last night/ this morning and as one young person hugged me before he left for school (he is autistic) it left a warm feeling, which I rather like, about work - sigh if only every day was like that!
Today I visited Kanban Crafts in Shipley with a retired work chum. Just the outlet store to stock up on basics like white and black cardstock. Jacci had never been before - The girls on the bacon butty van waved as I drove past them (its near the factory and they make the best bacon butty around) I felt guilty as we were going somewhere else for lunch yet secretly thrilled they even recognised me!. You can see where we went here
A good old Yorkshire bap sandwich and a cream scone - yummy...... back to healthy eating tomorrow!!
Lovely spending time chatting for no reason about anything that cropped up - it felt very indulgent and special.
So thats my grateful list for this week - along with blue skies, payday and fabulous email pals.
It was also a fab and funny week here. Honestly the ladies have had me laughing all week - thank goodness its back to crafting again today but for how long???
Do stop by the Queen of the Rockettes where thankful is the name of a very positive day!

On the down side I totally forgot the Stampman atc swap with the preparation for the retreat occupying my days off but on the plus side my awesome team mate Brenda stepped in at the last minute and helped me out - Thanks so much Brenda I really appreciate your help.
So here are my atcs for the March swap on Hopes and dreams.

The 3 together
close up of No 1 with Tim Holtz stamps
No 2 - thats a fab collage stamp from Hero Arts isn't it!!!
and number 3 with Stampendous!
Fabulous stamps so if you are ready to spoil yourself get over to The Stamp Man where the sale ends next week!!!
Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by today xx


  1. Good to hear good things are happening. Fingers crossed for No1 son positive news on Monday. No2 Son and Daughter for being diligent with their studies and that your OH has his meds. All good news indeed happy for you. XOXO

  2. So pleased you've had a better week Janet. Loving your list of gratefuls...the boy hasn't said how long he'll be home for at Easter but he too is heavily involved in writing his dissertation..expect it will be a short visit.
    Love the ATCs - those stamps are all wonderful.
    Hope you have a good weekend.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. we're hoping to watch the DVD this weekend.

  3. Oh I soooo tried to post a reply on this last night and blogger was sooooooooo not working! Glad your children are fairing well will keep fingers crossed for the interview front.

    Your day out with your mum crafting sounds awesome stuff, how fabulous for the two of you to be sharing such special time together!

    also loving the ATCs they have a great 'spring like' feel to them.

  4. Glad you have had a good week and all your children are doing well! Good luck for your son waiting to hear about the job.
    How lovely that you can spend time with your mum crafting x
    Hope you have a great week x

  5. P.S also love your ATC's x

  6. Glad you have had a better week, and good luck to your oldest in his interview.

    If it makes you feel any better, my son at Uni has told me he isn't coming home at Easter at all! I will just have to visit him a few times, luckily he is only an hour's drive away.

    Gorgeous ATCs

    have a great week!

  7. It really perked me up to read your positive post ... sounds like you have a lovely family. Many thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your kind comment - I've submitted my card to The Stamp Man challenge now. Hope your weekend is going well, Elizabeth x


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