Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Tims Online class

Wow I am blown away!
This class is just what I needed to boost my creativity - not just how to do something but why some things work in certain ways ie the whole chemistry behind it.
I was lucky to meet Dy Reaveley early on in my crafting journey who set me on the path of Ranger products and certainly gave me lots of techniques to play around with. Her classes are full of transferable information not just learning to do one thing and I do feel very privileged to have been set on this path so early on in my papercrafting life.
(she is also responsible for my now very serious stamp addiction - the dotty flower has a lots to answer for.....)
Now to have the access to another awesome instructor is brilliant and I am loving the teaching style so much. Technique based transferable skills that keep the stamping fresh and revitalise my interest in distress inks are perfect for me just now.
The videos are so detailed, the handouts perfect accessories and the insight into the way distress started have held me captivated.
Its still not too late to join in - the videos will be able to be viewed over and over again - an online forum for questions to be asked and answered by Tim Holtz - a place to share art work and ideas is an amazing tool.
Do stop by here for more info - you will not be disappointed!


  1. I agree with you Janet !! I`ve learnt so much in three days !! Talk about inspiring !! Well worth joining in now !!

    hugs Diane xx

  2. OK you've talked me into it!! lol
    Just signed up...I love the fact that I can do this at my own sounds awesome!
    Hugs xx

  3. Janet you are such a persuasive woman - I too am convinced - will join up now. Cheers Anne PS are you on commission?? Hee hee

  4. Wow.... sounds like I am missing out!!! Enjoy!


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