Friday, 30 March 2012

Rocking my world Friday

Hi folks - a while since I played along so I thought I would dig deep and see what I could find to feel positive and happy about so........
Its payday - yay - time to fill up the cupboards again and maybe have a wee crafty indulgence??
On Monday I put on my jeans - they were falling down so I put on the one and only belt I own and could pull it back 3 notches to last time I wore it.  That was a brilliant feeling!
The weather has been glorious this week - on Wednesday I enjoyed a lovely day out with an old friend - visiting a craft shop and having a girly time.
Yesterday I walked to work without stopping once at a fast pace - not much exciting for anyone else but when I know how unfit I was in January when I began exercising its quite an achievement for me.
The last 2 weeks have seen me glued to the computer watching Creative Chemistry 101 with Mr Holtz - wow has it been inspiring!  I have fallen in love with my distress inks all over again which is fabulous not to mention my TH stamps which have been neglected for a while so I look forward to being able to recap on the classes (we have life time access to them) and playing when I have some time to do it.
Easter Holidays - time for my chicks to come home for a wee while.  Tom begins his new job on 1st May so this will be his last big trip home till maybe Christmas - so let the celebration of success commence :0) James is only home Thursday - Monday so I plan some special meals for when he is back too xx
Tonight we bagged Megsy a prom dress - the search has been on since Christmas but the right one has just not surfaced until we found one on ebay a few days ago - I fell in love with it showed Megsy and so did she so we have been waiting with baited breath till the end of the auction.  I was willing to pay up to £100 but bagged it for £29!  Wow what a bargain so now the search is on for shoes - gorgeous red ones at that! Hurrah it feels great to have found it at last!
as always in the up and down week that has been here at The Clarke house its lovely to focus on positives and begin the weekend full of hope and positive feelings.
Fancy playing along or hearing more about happy thoughts? then stop by the Queen of the Rockettes at The Celtic House where it all begins.......


  1. Ah bless Janet how lovely to see you joining in and a fabulous week to boot - glad you are enjoying the TH class, loving the bargain prom dress!!!! Fantastic stuff! children on the way home - awesome stuff!

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend and enjoy crafty buying - let us know what you buy!

    Hugs as always


    Ooh and nearly forgot - WTG on the jeans and walking front - send some positive vibes on that front this way as mine is failing miserably LOL!

  2. Love this post Janet!!
    Well done you on the exercise and weight front - great stuff!
    Yay to having your boys home, even if just for a short time.
    Excellent news too about the prom we get to see it??
    Wednesday sounds to have been a perfect day..:)
    I haven't started Tim's course yet....thought I'd wait until I had the links to all the classes and do them in order.
    Hugs xx

  3. Sounds like a very good week indeed :D

    Yay to the healthiness and increased energy.

    What a bargain with the prom dress.

    Have a great week this week :)

  4. ah it's a lovely feeling when you start to feel fitter and your belt needs tightening - mine is unfortunately going the other way!

    well done on the ebay prom dress purchase, what a bargain!

    have a great week :)


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