Sunday, 24 April 2011

Staying up too late!

Hi Folks and a very Happy Easter to you all. I did say I would be back today to share a project but its not quite finished so it will have to wait until tomorrow. I have a had a quiet day today. Tim has driven James back to Uxbridge so it has been very quiet without them. Yesterday I spent the lunch time period with my lovely friend Michelle - we visted Jill and Ian at the Stamp Man and chatted about events coming up then we went to Embsay mills for lunch and Michelle was recognised 3 times!! We met the lovely Diane who is a newbie to our classes which was lovely too. After Lunch we spent an hour chatting and putting the world to rights before heading off home again to our families.
I had my bro and family round for tea - nincy nancy tea as my Mum calls them - bits of lots of things and nothing inparticular but always finished off with fresh scones and lemon cheese!
Our Megs had done a egg treasure hunt for the Kids so they had lots of clues to follow to collect 20 plastic eggs and ultimately their Giant Kinder egg for Easter. They loved it then after tea we played chinese whispers which was fab - they really embraced the whole game and we had lots of laughs at the outcomes.

Last night I stayed up late talking to the kids. Tim went off to bed early with the long drive ahead today and it just sort of happened. It started with our James telling me he felt quite sad that we didn't travel or go on hols much and he hoped one day we would have the dosh to do whatever we wanted as we deserved it. He expressed concern that as I had got married at 19 and had Tom at 21 I had not had much of a life, Bless him - I reassured him both Tim and I are happy with what we do - we both have interests that make us very happy and that he has no reason to feel that we sacrificed travel etc to bring them up and give them the best we could. Being a parent is the one job in the whole world that it is essential you sink every thing you can into it and thats what we have done. The rewards are having happy healthy young adults that are lovely people to be around - I am very lucky and also very proud. We then spent the next 4 hours yes 4 solid hours talking about families, things that have happened , their memories and life in general and I was captivated listening to them chat with each other and with me about their lives and childhood.
We had a very bleak few years in our family between 1993 and 1995 when honestly at times it felt the world was falling to pieces. Tim was made redundant, my dad died followed 9 months later by my brother and lots of other stuff too difficult to tell but the boys were genuinely shocked at stuff that happened that they had no knowledge of - I was very relieved to find out all the protection we had tried to surround them with had indeed worked and the worst thing I did wrong was not allowing the boys to go to my bros funeral - they did go to the memorial the week after but not the funeral. They were 6 and 8 and I really wanted to spare them the anguish of seeing us all in such a state but I accept this may have been wrong.
Our Megs listened in to the whole thing as she was the light at the end of the dark tunnel being born in October 1995 - we sank all our hopes in that this was the time things would improve again and they did.
All 3 of my kids are such delightful people - I could not be a prouder Mum for the way they have turned out.
So staying up till 3-30am has sapped my MoJo - I did plan to craft all day today but I have felt so tired and un motivated its just not happened - not good when I have got 3 commissions, a birthday card and a National Scrapbooking day project to do!!! Lets hope I am flooded with inspiration tomorrow. Still I feel content - My MoJo may be on walkabout but my kids are wonderful xx
Hope you have had a wonderful day too x Janet


  1. Your Kids are wonderful Janet because they have wonderful parents loving them!
    x Michelle

  2. Ditto what Michelle says. Although I've not met you or your kids I can tell just by reading this that you are awesome parents. Be proud of yourselves!

  3. Ditto Janet.
    The crafting can slide for one day - much more important to sit and chat and listen to your children. My boy is home this weekend and it's been lovely - he's growing into a young man we're proud to be associated with.
    Your family sounds wonderful - you've obviously done a great job of bringing them up. That's what all us parents hope for isn't it?
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
    Hugs xx

  4. Your kids probably thank their lucky stars they have you both as parents Janet, and what a lovely thing for James to say,it's LOVE that makes kids think that way and they have that in bounds,they look back and they don't remember what they didn't have Janet, they remember all the goodness from parents who love them,have to stop now am getting weepy my friend,never doubt your impact on your great kids, luv Georginaxxx


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