Friday, 22 April 2011

Rocking my world this Friday!

Well here is hoping this schedules ok as I am at work as you read. Yes some of us have to work Bank Holidays you know LOL.
I have had a tired and grumpy sort of week so the gratefuls are not as easy to find - im digging rather than plucking you might say! So here goes.
1) Family - all my chicks are at home until Sunday - my the fortnight James is home has flown by in a flash. He is itching to get back to London city life and the music scene he loves so much but I will really miss his constant strumming and the empty fridge! tonight we are all managing to sit down and have an Easter meal together - such a rarity as we are all such busy folks with work and life so it will be good to sit, rewind and have some imporatnt family time - I may even suggest a marathon monopoly session as that needs dusting off.
2) Cream eggs I have just scoffed one - dont know whose it was but it is no more and mmmmmmmmm dribble.
3) crafty chums - Tuesday was the craft session at the local craft shop - lots of folks on hols but still fabby to see them again and stay for a change - a special thanks must go to Glynis for the yummy cake thats now adorning my right hip (I am hoping the cream egg will go the the left to even it up LOL!
4) Jo at work for giving me 4 days off in a row Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues - I am very very happy! (or will be at 3pm!)
and last but certainly not least no 5 is THE WEATHER! how fantastic is this gorgeous sunshine for lifting the mood and making you smile - Hope its lasts at least till next Friday for Kate and Wills big day!
Back soon with another scheduled post if blogger is playing today x have a great day x Janet


  1. Great list Janet - had to laugh about the "ownership" of the creme egg!
    My boy is due home today :)
    Have a lovely Easter weekend.
    Hugs xx

  2. Ah hun a lovely list this week! Loving it - particularly having all your family around - and the point about the creme egg made me giggle! Hope you're having a great weekend!


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