Friday, 8 April 2011

Rockin my world Friday

I hope you have not fainted at me posting again so soon! Wow what a rollercoaster the week has been - Not sure which way is up at the beginning and on a high at the end. Still I am going to focus on positives so here goes 1) My family as always just because - nothing imparticular just for being there! 2) Crafting - honestly this has been my sanity - whatever did Ido before this obsession came along - ahh I remember lots of binge eating when I was stressed! 3) Ebay - Got myself some large envelopes - not yet arrived mind but am so glad to have found them been searching for 6 months just not in the right place LOL and some stamps too yay! 4) My pal Elaine - who took the craft club last night - very very grateful - will share the card I made to say thanks later as blogger is not allowing me to upload anymore on the post and also Barbara and she knows why :0) big smiles xxx 5) The Weather - the last few days have been bright and sunny - blue sky and that big elusive yellow thing called the sun - excellent mood enhancer xx Off to The Stamp Man today as you will see in my next scheduled post - so a good day planned with some lovely folks x Whats rockin your world this week? join Virginia at the Celtic House where the focus on positives makes for an excellent start to the weekend x Janet


  1. Pleased your week ended on a high Janet! Lovely list of gratefuls - totally agree about the sun. It's made so much difference to my mood. :)
    Hugs xx

  2. Lovely gratefuls this week Janet, glad you've got plenty of people around for whom to add to your list at the end of the week! The sun and blue skies has definitely made a difference - I got home tonight from work and headed for the garden, book in hand and a coffee, the sun didn't stay there very long - but long enough to feel like I'd indulged.

    Hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend!


  3. Oh I'm loving this weather - if it could just be like this with the lovely breeze and not get any hotter I'll be a happy bunny :)


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