Saturday, 2 April 2011

Rocking my world Friday on a saturday!

I know I know but I figured better late than never LOL! Its been a busy but very satisfying week so I will crack on with my gratefuls. 1) As always my family - for putting up with my weird ideas - letting me escape to craft and generally being supportive - I'm even less of an easy soul to live with these days as I get deafer and deafer but I am glad they make the effort even if they find it frustrating. 2) I've harped on about it all week but wow! the retreat was awesome and meeting so many excellent experimental crafters was really inspiring - Thanks for being so open to ideas and to sharing your own - that is really special. Thanks also to the rest of my lovin Ink teamies Michelle, Emma and Andy - always great company, inspiring friends and great team mates. 3) Work - for no other reason than I get to work my usual hours instead of full time this month which allows me to catch up with myself a little and have more down time where I can do nothing if I so choose! 4) My pal Linda - for the lovely upbeat emails she sends - always making me smile with the mixture of Scottish and Yorkshire humour - its a gift making folks smile and she has definately got it! 5) Mothers day tomorrow - I am lucky and still have my mum around but I know lots of my pals don't x So I am grateful to be lucky x So soz I am late Virginia but hope its not tooo late x Janet


  1. A great list Janet - that retreat still sounds wonderful!lol
    Have a very Happy Mother's Day to both you and your Mum.
    Hugs xx

  2. Never too late to join in Rocking Your World - whether its Friday or Saturday or Sunday or Monday - or any day - a list of gratefuls is a list of gratefuls. Glad you had a great retreat - I've managed to see it from a few different angles which has been great! Wonderful family being absolutely brilliant! Hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend


  3. Think my lot know I've been thinking about Mum this weekend as my eldest bought me some flowers today. Indeedy treasure yours.

    Love your list - gotta love the friends that make you laugh :)

  4. Janet, A great list. The retreat was wonderful and we are still talking about it. Belle cannot wait to go to another. You are indeed very lucky to stil have your mum. I will be missing mine but I have a lovely daughter to brighten the day. Have a wonderful mothers day. Angela


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