Friday, 15 April 2011

Rockin my world this Friday

Yes Rockettes I am back again! another Friday moment to post my highs of this last week so here goes!

1) Always always for my family - this week mum is away so Tim and I have responsibilty for my Sis Amy who has Downs Syndrome. I am always hugely grateful to Tim for taking on the massive commitment and responsibility that moving next door to Mum and Amy comes with. Many folks laugh and think he must have been mad to move next door to his Mother in Law but his reasons were not really for my Mum but for giving me peace of mind and knowing how much I take being Amys sister and what that entails absolutely as serious as it gets. Amy is very good - very independant and can manage most of the day without being cared for but something tiny, and I mean miniscule, can rock the boat and send her into panic and that can be the time when you remember Amy has a severe learning difficulty when she is in that frame it can be very hard work. She comes with baggage of support workers, social workers, transport all which one day we may have to deal with ourselves but still he agreed. When I am at work the book stops with him as I can only be a telephone support - but he does it and I am truly grateful. As I keep telling him he is not a star but a constellation! My kids have also taken on extra responsibility with the move - My family is one helluva good one.

2) the second hugely grateful comes with lots of other stuff too so this will be a 2-5 sort of thing!


Yesterday we held a surprise reunion for one of the leaders who is retiring, sounds cool and all very nice except she had Forbidden us to hold a party! Jacci has been working at our place for the last 42 years - her whole working life and that is some mean feat these days - shes of a rare breed not found much anymore - Think Hospital matron - rod of iron rule but heart of gold and only the kids best interests at heart. Well we tracked down old colleagues, kids and families and had a really lovely time. She was not happy initially but after seeing old faces she was so fond of and people who had driven miles to be there her heart melted once more - there were tears, laughter and many many hugs. The chap who was our Favourite Manager came and we all told him how fondly we speak of him and that he was the best we ever had - he was so touched at that (ooops current manager overheard me telling Frank that but I wont dwell on it). A wonderful if tiring day which I will remember for a very long time so no 2 is Parties - No 3 Old friends, No 4 The familes that made the effort to help past young folk come back to see us and No 5 Kathy - who should go into the buisness of being a private detective for tracking them all down.

Right off to make chocolate easter eggs and decorations at the Lovin ink class so i shall be gone a while lol and may have chocolate smudges around my mouth when I return! Happy Friday Rockettes do stop by the celtic house for more rockin news this week x


  1. Lovely list with all my personal favourite bits!!!


  2. Great list Janet.
    Love the farewll party bit but even better is the chocolate bit!
    Hugs xx

  3. Love the list - this week - the party sounds amazing and I'm sure it was well received once the initial shock was dealt with! You too sound like you have an awesome family Janet!

    Hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend.

  4. I bet that party knocked her for six. What an amazing thing to do!


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