Monday, 5 September 2011

Ok so technically its Monday!

However I was a little tied up with the blog hop - scroll down if you are still playing along - you have until Sunday 11th at 6pm to email the answers to Ben - If you are having trouble with unscrambling the letters then just visit the page in the shop of the hop you are doing it may just help LOL! and if something just happens to slip into your basket then so be it :0)

So a quick post as I am feeling a very happy gal today. A trip to Northallerton on Saturday and I treated myself to these!
a snip at £4 for the pair :0)
and this which was slightly more but great for my scrapbooking :0)
and my prize winnings from the Paperlane challenge. More from them later in the week as Ihave been playing with this months theme of anything but a card!

My biggest grateful this week is that I can drive. I know I got my license back a month ago but I have not driven any distance till this weekend. The trip to Northallerton was my first out of town drive then today I have been to meet a friend for lunch at Shipley. It was wonderful having the car to myself and listening along to one of my fav Cds from Shania Twain. I was thinking how much the menieres disease has taken from me with the deafness and before now the vertigo. Being partially deaf means I hardly ever listen to music at home. If I do I cannot hear anything else but alone in the car with no reason not to listen I loved singing along - I do love singing and I so much took it all for granted before. Today was a biggy - I recaptured, if only for a short while, my freedom and I am sooo grateful to have tasted it again - I feel very blessed x
Hope your day was special in some way too xx


  1. Wonderful Janet! So nice to hear that you're regaining things you've missed.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. enjoy the rest of your week. :)

  2. That's an awesome post Janet, regaining your freedom in your car and a singalong too - a thing to celebrate! Hope you're week this week is just as awesome!



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