Friday, 16 September 2011

Rockin my world this Friday

Friday again and another wonderfully busy weekend ahead. You already know about last weekend from my previous post so I will just add a couple of gratefuls in for the week.

DS1 has departed to begin his masters at Manchester Uni - he was away for his birthday yesterday however when i spoke to him last night he was very excited about the course and embarking on a new beginning. He went a week early to take advantage of some of the mini courses on offer - when i asked him how the week went he said "absolutely fantastic". Im not one of these Moms with high expectations of their children - I just want them to have a happy life. Our Tom has had a very up and down start to adulthood so to hear this enthusiasm was so heart warming and has to be a massive grateful for this week.

Plans falling into place is another biggie. I love planning and get a buzz out of getting organized so i love it when my planning comes together - this weeks final plans have been for the craft retreat beginning today. The very fact I am here typing means my plans have gone well and I have no last minute hitches (they were all earlier in the week). Roll on 2pm when we move into Beamsley for the weekend. We have a few newbies to the retreat this time so getting to know new folks is always exciting. Everyone starts arriving from 4pm so an exciting weekend ahead.

I am grateful for the little fine weather we had yesterday which allowed the washing to blow.
For my quiches turning out ok which are for tonights tea!
For the Christmas smell of fruit cake which is wafting around the house after the first cake of the season was made yesterday.
For OH who has gone to work on the bus so I can have the car today.
And as always I am grateful to those family and friends who surround me with their love and support.
So what rocks your world this week? Join Virginia on the quest to find the small things that rock your world x


  1. What a truly wonderful list Janet. Have fun on the retreat this weekend.
    Well done to DS1 - he sounds settled and happy.
    Hugs xx

  2. This list is beautiful and gorgeous and makes me happy, so much positivity going on I hope you have a truly awesome weekend on your craft retreat, but knowing how well the blog hop went I'm guessing it will all run like a dream. WTG to your son for starting his course with such enthusiasm and to all your other family and friends for making it an awesome week.



  3. Wishing you a wonderful weekend and lots of fun at the retreat!


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