Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Heritage scrapbooking

 This is something I have been meaning to do for ages especially these treasured pictures of Auntie Hannah and Uncle Willie.  Uncle Willie died when I was in my teens but I always remember what a Gentleman he was and also how in love with Auntie Hannah he seemed.  In my mind I am thinking of them both in a Christian and Ana Romance - all consuming love (maybe without the red room!!!)
 The top picture was taken on their Golden wedding day so a romance that spanned many years and through many of lifes trials.  Sadly they were not as rich as Christian but they did have a holiday home in Sowerby, near Bridlington which was wonderfully cosy.
I've added a little book where I can tell their story - if briefly, to my children who sadly did not know these two amazing  people.
It has been a lovely experience scrapbooking this and evoked some wonderful memories - Uncle Willies pipe smell has been swirling around my craft room today which has been truly lovely to feel.
Hope you have had a day with amazing moments too - thanks for stopping by x 


  1. What fabulous pages Janet such a lovely memory and a lovely way to pass on the story
    X Michelle

  2. Great layout. I love the muted colours. They compliment the photos perfectly. Thanks for sharing. jenx

  3. Hi Janet, lovely page - I like that you've put two photos that span a good few years together to show how enduring their love was and what a lovely story too. The papers and embellishments really suit the subject. You rarely smell a pipe these days and yet it was always preferable to the smell of cigarettes ... and unfortunately, now that there's a ban on indoor smoking, that's an all too common smell as you pass gangs of smokers outside pubs, etc. Ah well, that's my moan for the day over ... it's too lovely a day here for me to dwell too long on that sort of thing, the sun is shining, hip, hip hooray :)) Elizabeth x

  4. stunning page and so beautiful..there love seemed never ending...its a lovely feeling too ..to have the memories of happy times.and loved the story..funny thing i was in the front watching tv and the smell of my dads pipe waffted through..seemed wierd yet comforting my dad passed away 4 years ago......hugs sassyx


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