Friday, 6 July 2012

Rocking my World Friday

Well here we are at another Friday this time in to July?????? second half of the year!!!
3 days off from work is by far the biggest grateful this week.  I am really ready for my fortnight off in August so a 3 day break from work is great as a starter!
On Tuesday I had a wonderful day with the lovely Pam, Alison and Michelle.  Both ladies have a wicked sense of humour and a wise head for sharing problems with and both Michelle and I are very grateful for their friendship and support. We laughed all day and had such fun playing.  Thanks girls xx
On Wednesday I met up with a very dear friend for coffee - we don't meet up often but its one of those friendships where the months melt away and its as if you have never been apart. An hour and a half with her and I always feel I can conquer the world which sounds very dramatic but we always talk deep and meaningful - you know getting right to the nitty gritty - very little small talk and so I always feel like I have been empowered somehow.  Anyway you get the gist I enjoyed it :0)
The boys are both doing really well and its lovely to hear how their lives are developing, how work is going and their plans for the future.
Megs of course had her prom last Friday and she looked gorgeous here is another proud Mummy pic x
Hubby is going to be starting a staggered return to work after 8 months off sick with the awful illness depression we are all apprehensive about his return but also in need of the money.  I must say I have been shocked at the lack of support financially and also how he has been messed around by mental health services which quite honestly have not made this road to recovery smooth at all.
So this is a tentative grateful and only time will tell if it will work.

I am grateful for - the blue skies inbetween the showers, for amazing colleagues at work as we have dealt with some major challenges this week - I do work with amazing folks who do an amazing job.
For a good cup of coffee in a morning, for my new crafty space and for hubby for helping it happen.
and finally I found out that a local artist has had a book published - Nathanial is an amazing man and has written an amazing book.  His website is here
and his book can be purchased from Amazon here  
Journeys Vol.I (Volume 1)

I am thrilled that the American publishers have recognised his amazing work and wish him all the best for his upcoming tour in the Autumn.
Have a great week and thanks for stopping by
Join my fellow Rockettes at the meeting place The Celtic House


  1. woo what a lovely list of gratefuls :)

    Yeay for proms!
    Yeay for time off!
    Yeay for meeting up with friends and nattering 'deeply'
    Yeay and yeay and yeay again with gentle encouragements to hubby-of-janet... finding your way out of the fog is difficult enough without being messed about!!!!!

    What a busy week you have had!



  2. Lovely rocking post. Your daughter looks beautiful, no wonder you are a pround mummy!
    Hope everything works out for your hubbys return to work.

  3. Hope it all goes well for DH. Daughter looks gorgeous! I wish they had had proms when I was at school - I would have loved it. I wont get to enjoy the whole dress thing - it will be tuxedos for my two! I have enjoyed hopping over to see you this week. jenx

  4. Fabulous Rocking post. I know exactly what you mean about the deep and meaningfuls, it's the same when I meet up with my sister - we tend to start a conversation exactly where we left off no matter how long it is since we saw each other :)

    Wishing you good luck with hubby's return to work and that you have a good week ahead of you.

  5. Amen, for that good cuppa coffee in the mornings! Have a great week

  6. Ah that's an awesome post Janet, loving the gratefuls - positive friends always amazing and lovely and feeling empowered as a result is fantastic. Your daughter looks absolutely gorgeous - no wonder you had a proud Mummy moment, your boys settling into their new lives and routines is also fabulous. Thinking of hubbies return to work, depression is such an awful illness and there are so few organisation that offer genuine help out there. I hope his workplace realises the need for a slow but steady return and don't pressurise him on his return. Fingers crossed tiny steps of a day at a time will see him back into routine. Sending you all the biggest hugs as always!

  7. Beautiful pic of your daughter.

    I'm with you every step of the way when it comes to looking forward to some time off - I start 2 weeks leave on the opening day of the Olympics so should hopefully miss all the transport ker-fuffle.

    Wishing your hubby all the very best for his return to work - hopefully colleagues will help support his return to the workplace so that things go smoothly for him.

    Toni xx


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