Saturday, 7 July 2012

sewing inspired

Bought myself a new set of stamps by Paperartsy today - Of course I have lots of stamps but what I have been longing for is a button back stamp so I saw them and went a little mad. Bot that I have used it here as this is the craft stamper download from their website!
We have been playing at buttons at The Craft Range so I had a few bits and bobs just begging to play then while on a Pinterest tour I saw just the thing to use them on.  I'm going to leave you with a sneaky peek and hope I can take better pictures in daylight later on. Go On Guess what its made from....... 

Back later with better pics x
Happy Saturday x


  1. Lovely Janet. I bought some sewing stamps earlier this year...must dig them out of my stash lol :D

  2. sewing theme is my biggy at the moment just bought a wendy vecchi sewing machine thingy, lol, gonna do an altered house in a sewing theme, x

  3. Cummins then Janet I need to have a good look at this one, it looks fab.
    X Michelle

  4. haha...well I still think it is very classy...even if it is a posh loo roll :D The composition on the front of your tag is lovely too :D XXX


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