Friday, 18 February 2011

Its been a while

Since I shared some Rocking your Friday news but truely things have exploded at this end and I have been putting extra time in at work s0-

1) For family and friends- this week saw our 25th wedding Anniversary and I have been astonished at the folks who have been kind enough to send cards and gifts even though we have just celebrated privately. A personalised bottle of Champagne arrived unexpectedly on Tuesday Morning from Tims Sister which we are going to save for our next celebration.
2) Lovin' Ink - the partnership with my pal Midnight-Crafter has gone from strength to strength since it began but has really taken hold since Christmas. We have had requests to host retreats for people and also for classes at certain times it feels really good that we have finally begun to realise what was once a little dream, a mumouring back in the depths of time. Of course its not all plain sailing as real life follows you everywhere you go but we enjoy what we do and folks coming to us seem to as well. The Inks Masterclass earlier this month was a Joy to teach we loved it so much and hope to do it all again soon.
3) Staying with Lovin Ink - I would like to say how much we appreciate our crafty friends for supporting us in our venture and feeling that we have something to give them too. It means a lot to us to know such supportive people . You know who you are xxx
4) I hardly dare say this so should maybe just whisper - I have not had a vertigo attack since June 25th last year. I can hardly believe it but my driving license is looking ever so much closer than it was!
5)All you folks in blogland who make my day when I post especially Susie J who comments without fail each time - Susie you brighten up each day for me xx


  1. Aah, thanks Janet! I've missed your Friday posts but love seeing your creations. You've inspired me to stretch myself and I'm now trying tags and actually using my TH goodies - as opposed to stroking them. Thank you for that.
    So pleased that this post is such a positive one - we've got our Pearl Anniversary coming up in Oct. - think we'll be doing the same as you and celebrating privately (as we did for our Silver).
    Hugs xx
    p.s. still wish I lived nearer so I could come to your classes and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you for that which we won't mention.

  2. Janet - lovely to see you back on Rocking Your World Friday and what a fabulous list! Congratulations on your 25 anniversary - that's awesome, I'm also so pleased that your venture with Lovin Ink is provided some positives for you! Hope you have a truly beautiful and blessed weekend - hugs

  3. Hi Janet, fellow Rocker!

    Good news about the vertigo (I'm whispering this so I don't jinx it). I'll keep my fingers crossed. Wishing you and your DH a very happy 25th wedding anniversary, let's hope you have something to celebrate soon so you cab crack open that bottle of bubbly.


  4. Yep - good news about the you know what! Fingers crossed here for you too.

    Fabulous list and belated congratulations on your anniversary :)

  5. Hope your vertigo stays away. We are really looking forward to the retreat in March! Happy Anniversary. Angela


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