Sunday, 6 February 2011

Something from my girl x

Up to the age of 12 my daughter Meghan used to scrapbook and card make alongside me but she decided it was not for her and has leaned more to art journalling the last 12 months or so. She does some lovely sketches in her sketch pad usually staying in pencil but she has done this one with a little colour which i thought I would share. The horse proportions are brilliant - she does draw more horses than anything else - aside from music horses are her passion. How fabulous at 15 to know what you feel passionate about! The words behind this page are the lyrics of a song - for no other reason than she likes the song. She is one clever gal and I am mighty proud of her x


  1. Wow, What an amazingly talented daughter you have there. Her work is beautiful. Horses are hard to do and she did them wonderfully. Angela

  2. Fabulous Janet - you have one talented daughter there.
    Sue xx

  3. Wow! what a wonderful journal page. Your daughter is very talented to draw such beautiful horses. You must be very proud of her. Hope we get to see more of your daughter's journaling sometime. Hugs, Gez.xx

  4. She is a very lucky girl to know what she wants, to have the talent and a mum like you to help her along, luv Georginaxxx

  5. How lovely that your daughter has found her crafting outlet, I love to see art journals and this is no exception, her horses are beautifully drawn and I like the way she has used lyrics for the words - superb - you have every right to be one proud momma xxx


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