Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Here comes the sun or where is the sun thats the question!

Over on Try it on Tuesday we were hoping to celebrate the sun today it being the longest day and all that! I also asked my Niece if she could make something with the sun on it - she is 5 - lets just make the sun then she said! So here is her sunshine and I have to say its a pretty good substitute for the real thing!

It started life as this plain round box - first problem its blue
Rebeccas solution is to cover it in paper - here she is doing mighty fine for her age with those scissors!
Next she needed rays - Grandma to the rescue - bendy straws of course and with the help of the cropodile to make holes and a bit of squishing to get them in hasn't she done a great job? she didn't like the messy bit in the middle where all the straws meet so she then created a false bottom so she could hide things inside - What a girl! So here is the sun from Skipton.
Rebecca will be reading all your comments this week and is quite excited that people on the internet will be looking at her art work so if you have time to leave a comment it will make a little girls day :0)
Do stop by Try it on Tuesday and see what other projects the team have come up with this week.


  1. Great job Rebecca! I'd love to borrow your sun..it appears to have run off with my mojo. :(
    Hugs xx

  2. You know Rebecca, I was wondering where the sun had gone... I'm so glad you made one ... and what a beauty it is! Shine on young lady, you are a wonderful creator :)

  3. Well Rebecca your sun is amazing! You are a very talented young lady following in your aunts footsteps. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful designs. Well done. xxx

  4. So YOU had the sun all the time!! Rebecca your sun is amazing and i think you are a very clever girl to make a happy sun,Auntie Janet had better watch out,you are a cooool crafter, luv Georginax

  5. Thats where the sun is hiding, with you and your Auntie Janet. I love how you made your sun, its awesome. Yvonne xx

  6. Clever girl Rebecca, you have made a wonderful sun. I bet Aunty Janet is delighted with the help you gave her. Caz

  7. I wondered where all the sun had gone Rebecca. Is it in your box? What a great sunshine box it is. Thankyou for being a designer for Try it on Tuesday
    x Michelle

  8. That's a fantastic sun Rebecca and you had so much fun making it. I live in Spain so I see lots of sunshine, but I still think your's is one of the best. Well done! Kate x

  9. Came to see Rebecca's sun it is wonderful great inspiration as such care was taken in making it. It makes me think of the song 'The sun has got it's hat on ..... Hugs Bee


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