Friday, 3 June 2011

Stamp Man Challenge? Go on then I admit it..........

This week I have run out of time. Why oh why are there only 24 hours in a day? I had one day off on Tuesday and I admit it I wasted my time frivolously! I went out for lunch with friends, drank wine, became a little squiffy so avoided the food shop and then slobbed in front of BGT - there I have confessed - will it be good for the soul I wonder???
Well maybe not because now I have started confession I have to carry on! - See the above pic? this is my DT entry for The Stamp Man challenge - excellent stamp set bringing an olde worldy feel to a mans card - especially watercoloured like this - However here is the confession.........
This is the card - put together by me but designed by my pal for the ladies workshop we run every Friday. The ladies have learning difficulties and have turned out to be excellent artists when it comes to colouring in - so just putting together a card plan and kit is perfect for them - they stamp, they colour, then put it all together. Today we were one short so I did a kit and this is it! So I am an imposter, a slacker and a cheeky mare for sharing this as a DT project (although I have not been so bold as to add it to the SMC blog)- Michelle thought I would not do it but time has been short today and BGT won again this evening( what a fab semi tonight was!) so my time was squandered idlily watching TV (after a food shop I must add) and now we are at the end of Friday. This fab little stamp set is available here at The Stamp Man and is a snip at £4-99 - If you fancy it give them a ring as I cannot find it on the website. Better still treat your self to a trip there before the shop shuts its doors - certainly worth every minute with bargains galore to be had! Will I sleep tonight I wonder for confessing my sins or will guilt keep me awake - shame I drank all the wine...................


  1. Tut, tut, what are you like!!! You should have posted it for the challenge Janet, it's lovely, and I'm sure Michelle wouldn't mind.

    It is seriously about time you had a break from crafting lady, however much you love it, and I hope you will be chilling with your feet up tonight watching the BGT final, with or without the wine :D

    Jill x

  2. Ohhhhhhh you sinner!!!!!!!! LOL. I'm glad you decided to use it after all Janet, you did a blinkin good job with the kit so it's rightly yours. Wish I was as good a multi challenge card making as you are!
    x Michelle


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