Friday, 17 June 2011

Rocking my world Friday

Hello fellow rockers and rockettes its the part time player here .....sigh
I have had an up and down week thats for sure! but here I go my top 5 grateful s for this week

1) As always my family - vertigo reared its ugly head last Friday - enough said - they looked after me so well x (pal Michelle too - where would I be without you )
2) Friends - as above Michelle but also new friends too ,as well as some old friends who have resurfaced. Facebook has been an amazing source of friendship this week - how wonderful to be a click away from someone - amazing!
3) New crafters. I have had 3 newbies to my Christmas card classes and they have all given me so much inspiration. I do love meeting new people and sharing - everyone has something to give and that little glint of inspiration can mean something works really well - I love it!
4) Work - you know a few weeks ago there was an issue and I was proud of my team mates for standing up and being counted - well lets just says the boss has had to resind his orders! When we stand together we are invincible - I wish I could capture the feeling and bottle it for low times but I am so very proud to work with the fabulous folks I work with - they rock!
5) Mr MoJo is back in the building or rather my head space he has been gone so long I had forgotten what he looked like - I do love crafting and need it for my mental well being so welcome back MJ :0)

Hope your Friday is rocking this week - do share it with us and Virginia at the Celtic House

Huge hugs and oodles of friendship Janet xxx


  1. Hi Janet - don't you worry about when you post in your "rocking" posts, it's always wonderful to see you but I appreciate that sometimes life gets in the way! It does however ensure that you give thanks for the good things in your life and your list this week is fabulous! Friends and friends and more friends, I'm sorry that the vertigo is misbehaving again - sent it off for a long holiday tell it to go where your mojo went but ask it not to come back or perhaps do at the very least a world tour! Glad your mojo is back and glad that your solidarity at work has reaped the rewards it deserves! Hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend!



  2. Wonderful list Janet (apart from the vertigo - agree with Virginia, send it off for a world tour. :)).
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs xx

  3. What a great list - it sounds like you are surrounded by love Janet :)

  4. Did Ann come to your class?


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