Friday, 7 October 2011

I know - nothing for almost a week and then 3 at once - just like the buses!

This is a quicky
As its so long since I played its been eating away that I need to say thanks so if only to stop the nagging in my head here goes!
I am so thankful for my little family. DS1 &2 are back into Uni life with hardly a thought to spare in their busy lives - that is so how it should be. When they are busy with friends, with work, with life - it means they are happy and to this old Mum that is enough! I am a useful mine of info at 10am (when Ive been on nights) and DS1 needs to know will his trainers stand going in the drier - errr no love they won't. Or at 12-30am when DS 2 is doing a load of washing as he needs his shirt for a gig tomorrow - its got a stain on it mum what can I use to get it off? err at 12-30am try washing up liquid son??? Do I ever complain? No I feel glad to still be needed even if its only for washing advice LOL.
Our Megsy turned 16 yesterday - how on earth did I became old enough to be Mom to a 24 year old, a 21 year old and a 16 year old I will never know cos I still feel 18 but with a 45 year olds knowledge of life! She had a happy day and you get the picture a happy kid = a happy Mom.
I am happy to have got the bedroom cleaning out of the way
To have tackled the ironing
Be half way through my Christmas cake mountain of makes (6)
(I am less happy with the lack of MoJo it has to be said which led to all those things happening!)
I had fun today at stampin club with fun people who make my life brighter just by being themselves. Even if the days entertainment was my atrocious stamping skills!
(No Mojo = rubbish crafting!)
The lovely Pam who made my day by giving me a gorgeous plant - such a sweety thanks love - not sure what I did to deserve it but you made me feel special anyway xxx
Okay I admit its no longer classed a quickie but the end is nigh I promise!
I will end by saying I am grateful for you - yes you who is reading this mindless ramble - you who visit stay a while maybe, sometimes leave me a comment but I know you have been and that you bother to stop by is enough to make me happy.
Thank you!
So I am off to let the Queen of Rockin my world Friday know I have played along - its been so long she may have forgotten who i am
Only Joking Virginia xx


  1. What a lovely post to read on a Friday night, Janet. I'm delighted that you have so many things to be grateful for, that's just how it should be.
    I hope you have a lovely weekend and your mojo returns from skulking in the corner very soon. I loved the bauble from the last post btw!!
    Hugs Lisax

  2. A great post Janet - your attitude to parenting is so much like mine - if the boy phones and I can be it. If I don't hear from him..all is well and he's living his life. Seriously, I read a FB post from an acquaintance which said..."off to drink wine with ???? and commiserate about our missing children"...hers are both at Uni..ages 19 and 21.....what? Get a life woman!!
    Thanks for your tip re the ironing - I'll try sitting down.
    Pleased Megan had a great birthday.
    I'm sure your mojo will come back...and in the meantime you can feel virtuous for being on top of the "h" word! lol
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs xx

  3. Well done for playing along this week - you sound so busy! I love your attitude re your kids, I love mine to bits (they're both still at home at age 17 and 15) but when they've left I'll miss them but will be ever so happy to get on with my life. You can be too clingy and that can suffocate the kids.

    Ironing, bleaghhh!

    Have a great weekend,


  4. I enjoyed reading your post Janet. No matter how old your kids are they always seem to turn to their Mum for advice. I really missed both of mine when the left for uni, but they always come back and I get alot of pleasure knowing they have grown up to be such well grounded individuals.
    I am sure you feel the same.

  5. Lovely to hear from you Janet :D I think the mojo problem is common amongst those of us with kids at uni. I have hardly entered any challenges for weeks either. I think it is our settling in period(while we are making sure they have settled in, even though they don't tell us anything for days and days). My Shorty has moved into a house off campus this year...with 2 lovely blonde girls!!! Apparently he knows both their boyfriends and they don't mind!! I hope they know how to use the washing mahine haha :D XXX

  6. Janet I could never forget you Sweetie and when you don't play along I know it's because life is getting in the way and that you are still playing along! Your list as always is beautiful, I know what you mean about the time running away with itself - it's scary - said 10 year old became said 11 year old recently I mean what's that all about!

    I hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend!


  7. Yep - My eldest will be 15 in April! 15? How is that possible - I don't feel much older than that myself - though my decrepit, failing old bones seem intent on telling me otherwise!

    Love your list, have had a huge smile reading it, am glad you posted!

  8. Answer to the question re the plant. It's simple - because you are you.



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