Saturday, 22 October 2011

Today is the day

Of the last night of the proms concert. Tim has been a little disappointed about the ticket sales however there has been a last flurry of phone calls to buy them on the night. So 100 ish folks are going to have a brilliant night here in Skipton.
Meghan and I have been to the hall to set up the cards and other poppy things you have all made - don't they look splendid?
Can you spot your work anywhere?

Meghan also had a final run through her playing to make sure the powerpoint presentation worked with the timing of the piece. This is a gorgeous piano which Meghan is lucky enough to play on at Skipton music festival too - the sound is wonderful and with her slide show going on in the background its beautiful (only slight bias!)
I am one very proud Momma I can tell you. So the bunting will be up later this afternoon - the flags flying and the enthusiasm raring to go. Its going to be a helluva night!
Have a great Saturday folks and THANK YOU ALL who helped towards this wonderful occasion.


  1. Hope your evening is a HUGH success !!

    hugs Diane xx

  2. Hope the evening was a brilliant success Janet. You and hubby have worked so hard.
    Hugs xx

  3. Love looking through your blog!! Hope your night is a huge success!!

  4. Yay I can see mine in second photo :D So glad you are getting a good turnout, and wish Meghan all the best for this evening :D XXX

  5. Hope your night was a geat success Janet.

  6. I am sure you have had a fantastic night - I spotted a couple of my cards - sending ((HUGS)) MMMWWWAAA

  7. what a collection i like it and hope your night field up with success.
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  8. Hope you had a fab night Janet

  9. Hope all goes well for all involved. Best wishes for a successful evening. Yes, spotted some of mine, hope you make a stash of money. Caz

  10. It all looks wonderful Janet
    X Michelle


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