Thursday, 20 October 2011

So Lunch out.....

Was here. Interlude in Shipley. I so wish I had taken my camera to share this delightful tea shop with you. Set in the 1920's the shop is stuffed with ephemera from that era. Each table has different things on it - The one Jae and I sat on had Settle-Carlisle railway at my side and the Cottingly Fairies at hers. I had tea from a china pot with a delightfully hand knitted and crochet tea cosy - my sumptuous scone was served on a sweet little individual cake stand I loved it! Honestly I cannot describe how quaint and truly lovely it is there.
The picture is taken from the article in a local paper - this is the owner who today was dressed in the most wonderful flapper type dress in a coral colour wearing a mop cap and making her own marmalade for Christmas customers.
The service is perfection, the food amazing and the atmosphere positively delightful. I wonder if Tim Holtz will come over and come to afternoon tea with me - it certainly would inspire his creativity I am positive about that! So Tim if you fancy a trip to Yorkshire tea will be on me and it will be very very English :0)
Janet xx


  1. Sounds the perfect place for afternoon tea, Janet. A real old fashioned tea shoppe. xx

  2. I was going to comment that you are working too hard with so many posts lately, but Oh My!! This looks absolutely amazing! :D XXX

  3. This looks a fantastic place, Janet. My Hubby works in Shipley so I shall have to persuade him to take me out for tea!!!
    Hugs Lisax


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