Friday, 21 October 2011

Rockin my world this Friday

Yay this week I feel I need to be thankful. I have had a few weeks of feeling decidedly fed up with myself. A lack of MoJo has not helped - moral at work is low with cutbacks at every turn so I have not felt very thankful which is so wrong.
So here I am celebrating the many good things in my life.
My family as always make my life so good. Nothing imparticular to report - just I love them lots and lots.
The sky was blue yesterday - that has set the tone for my day too with a real feeling good to be alive vibe running through the whole day.
I had lunch with a very dear friend at a wonderful tea shop (see below)
I listened to my best of M people cd in the car - wow had forgotten how gorgeous Heather Small actually sounds!
I visited Kanban who gave me a donated cardmaking box for a charity day i am helping with on 26th November (for those going on the Claxby weekend dont panic I am organising then leaving Mum and Kerry in charge!)
I have had 2 whole days off work which has been very good.
I got some Christmas presents sorted this week - i am quite a way towards it which always helps me feel good.
The house has been cleaned - still cluttered but its clean!
I have a holiday to look forward to next week.
I have some amazing friends xx
My follow list has gone up over the last week or two so thanks to all who visit me here.
I have stamping club today so stamping with wonderful people is a definite thankful!
and my last huge thankful goes to Virginia at the Celtic house - being thankful has become an everyday part of my life, which is very good for the soul, since I joined her Rocker and Rockettes. So huge thanks for giving me the focus of positives to work on.
go on join in the Friday - it can make a difference to you too xx


  1. Ah Janet

    You are very welcome Sweetie, it's a times of difficulty and hardship such as seeing job losses that Rocking Your World comes into its own, we can all sometimes get bogged down and say that nothing is going right but in all honesty what we normally know is that there are some things causing us problems and we've allowed them to cloud our day - so big shout outs to blue skies, where the clarity returns and our ability to be grateful allows us to feel calmer, happier and smile even if sometimes only on the inside.

    I'm so glad your mojo has returned and can't wait to see what you do next craft wise.

    Enjoy your break next week and take time for yourself.

    I too am enjoying the 'getting things ready' for Christmas mode - came home to two huge parcels this morning - now I've got to find somewhere to hide them!!!

    Have a beautiful and blessed weekend and an awesome week off.



  2. Fab list, hope your feeling a bit more chiper soon & your mojo returns home to roost.

  3. Beautiful list Janet - it's truly amazing what blue sky can do to make you feel more cheerful.
    Have a great weekend and enjoy your crafting.
    Hugs xx

  4. YAY to blue skies! Ugh to such organized Christmas present buying! Great list, some of which are very simple things but all the more important. It really is the little things in life that make a difference, isn't it.

    Hope you enjoy your stamping club today, and wishing you a great weekend.


  5. I love M People. They play What Have you Done Today To Make You Feel Proud (I know that's prob not the proper title) in my daughters school assembly. She now knows it word for word. I think it's fantastic.

    Great list - such a positive vibe. Hope you enjoyed Stamping Club :)

  6. Hi Janet. I have joined in the Friday catch up today ! Well done for being so positive. It can be so hard can't it ? Sometimes just the little things can give us a real pick me up.


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