Saturday, 8 October 2011

New website

The Stamp Man have launched a brand new website - still under construction you can find it here so you can save it to your favourites.
Find it Here

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  1. I love crafts and art of all kinds... basically anything I can do with my hands. In fact, I'm a Michaels craft store addict... so much so that I must leave my cards at home, and take only a set amount of cash, lest I over-spend. :) At any rate, I've been workin' on just gettin' content up on my blog, mostly movies and books, but do intend to review craft books, art supplies, as well as garden do-dads and plants as I go. I'm just venturing out and "getting word out" 'bout my blog. I'd love it if you would take a look at: and let me know what ya think. If you were to follow me, I'm sure I will post at least some things of interest for you in the coming weeks! Thanks and loooove your blog!


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